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Clone One Xbox Hard Disk To Another

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#1 Ragueneau


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Posted 27 July 2011 - 06:45 PM

Right now I have two Xboxes - my main 1.1 with the latest XBMC4Xbox, and another, a 1.0 that was donated to me with a busted NIC and questionable optical. I would like to copy my good box over to the older one, hopefully providing a bit of stability and allowing it to run the apps I've installed on the 1.1.

I started looking at upgrade tutorials, but they don't quite seem to fit as after copying, I'll need to replace the disk key. Before I start goofing around, I thought I'd ask the forum to vet my idea.

I'm thinking I will
-write down the 1.0 disk key
-put both drives in a linux machine
-dd 1.1 to 1.0
-unlock 1.0 drive with xboxhdm and 1.1 key
-? somehow replace the key ?
-return drives to their homes

Does that make sense?

#2 shambles1980


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Posted 27 July 2011 - 08:41 PM

I swear i already answerd this lol... maybe i didnt click send,

(this is how id do it)
ok so 1st thing I would do is get the eeprom's for both systems you can do that with a softmod or eeprom reader.
then i would use xboxhdm to unlock both drives. (1 at a time, the one i want to copy the files from last)
i would then boot to xp and then run xplorer360
i would use xplorer360 to copy all the files from the hard disk to windows.
I would then restart the pc and swap the hard disks over, And use xplorer 360 to transfer the files i copied from disk 1 to disk 2

after restarting i would relock the drives

This is assuming both drives are 8gb stanbdard drives without F and G partitions.

if the main one you wish to clone has f and G partitions i would softmod the system the cloned drive is going in to 1st get the eeprom then use xboxhdm to build the file system.
"gonna need the eeprom any way"

(other options)

use hexen utility disk to prepair the other disk for you all xbox based, (You need a second power supply)
when its done unlock the drive then re lock it with the eeprom for the correct box.

now these issues here..

-unlock 1.0 drive with xboxhdm and 1.1 key
you cant unlock drives with a diferent systems eeprom has to be for that system. im assuming that you would be cloning the disk from your current xbox so it gets locked with that eeprom. in that case you would need to unlock it with the eeprom from the xbox that cloned it. But you said linux pc, so thats confuzed me

-? somehow replace the key ?
you want to write a new key to the eeprom?
I know my eeprom reader can write to the eeprom but i never had the urge to do this.

In my oppinion the way i do it is the safest in regards to no hardware failing due to hotswapping excetera. But there are other options.

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