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Trying To Update

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Posted 18 October 2011 - 06:49 PM

I dont have the dump of my original nand. So extracted using 360flash. I'm getting these errors and was hoping somone could let me know if its safe to flash. I dont want to end up with a broken jtag

fbBuild v0.32
verbose set to level 1

------ parsing user ini at '.\data\\options.ini' ------

******* WARNING: could not open user ini at '.\data\\options.ini', skipping
Using nonandmu option (ini file)
default console DVD eject button is being used to start xell

------ Checking .\data\\nanddump.bin ------
NAND dump not found at '.\data\\nanddump.bin'

------ parsing ini at '.\13599\filelist.ini' ------
ini version 13599

ini: label [xenonbl] found
found (1) 'cb_1921.bin' crc: 0x14cec7b4
found (2) 'cd_1921.bin' crc: 0xb907093a
found (3) 'ce_1888.bin' crc: 0xff9b60df
found (4) 'cf_4532.bin' crc: 0xd28ef722
found (5) 'cg_4532.bin' crc: 0x2cc9b951
found (6) 'cb_1940.bin' crc: 0x62b7b19c
found (7) 'cd_8453.bin' crc: 0x25e0acd0
found (8) 'cf_13599.bin' crc: 0x15a4ae66
found (9) 'cg_13599.bin' crc: 0x8d643839

ini: label [flashfs] found
found (1) 'aac.xexp' crc: 0xa622262f
found (2) 'bootanim.xex' crc: 0x5ebaa67f
found (3) 'createprofile.xex' crc: 0xf53f0259
found (4) 'dash.xex' crc: 0x0377a5b8
found (5) 'deviceselector.xex' crc: 0xa5da5863
found (6) 'gamerprofile.xex' crc: 0x9b97b30f
found (7) 'hud.xex' crc: 0x3bd83963
found (8) 'huduiskin.xex' crc: 0xf7c69840
found (9) 'mfgbootlauncher.xex' crc: 0xf4d1be33
found (10) 'minimediaplayer.xex' crc: 0xcbd3e4a6
found (11) 'nomni.xexp' crc: 0x8099a6af
found (12) 'nomnifwk.xexp' crc: 0x43d15042
found (13) 'nomnifwm.xexp' crc: 0x6c1f328e
found (14) 'signin.xex' crc: 0x013749fb
found (15) 'updater.xex' crc: 0x0d0d3f84
found (16) 'vk.xex' crc: 0xc3707c11
found (17) 'xam.xex' crc: 0x35c77172
found (18) 'xenonclatin.xtt' crc: 0xd5d17ff5
found (19) 'xenonclatin.xttp' crc: 0x7a507ad1
found (20) 'xenonjklatin.xtt' crc: 0xdde4a14c
found (21) 'xenonjklatin.xttp' crc: 0x945b7092
found (22) 'ximecore.xex' crc: 0xa49f0061
found (23) 'ximedic.xex' crc: 0x1d992bfb
found (24) 'ximedic.xexp' crc: 0xf67612f5
found (25) '..\launch.xex' crc: 0x00000000
found (26) '..\lhelper.xex' crc: 0x00000000

ini: label [security] found
found (1) 'crl.bin' crc: 0x00000000
found (2) 'dae.bin' crc: 0x00000000
found (3) 'extended.bin' crc: 0x00000000
found (4) 'secdata.bin' crc: 0x00000000
------ ini parsing completed ------

output name overridden to: .\FreeBootImage.bin

Writing initial header to flash image

------ Loading bootloaders and required security files ------
could not read \bin\payload.bin, using built in payload (0x200 bytes)
reading .\data\\smc.bin (0x3000 bytes)
reading .\data\\kv.bin (0x3ff0 bytes)
reading .\13599\cb_1921.bin (0x9800 bytes) (crc32: 0x14cec7b4 ini: 0x14cec7b4)
reading .\13599\cd_1921.bin (0x56c0 bytes) (crc32: 0xb907093a ini: 0xb907093a)
reading .\13599\ce_1888.bin (0x5606a b pad 0x56070 cool.gif (crc32: 0xff9b60df ini: 0x
reading .\13599\cf_4532.bin (0x44c0 bytes) (crc32: 0xd28ef722 ini: 0xd28ef722)
reading .\13599\cg_4532.bin (0x2ef40 bytes) (crc32: 0x2cc9b951 ini: 0x2cc9b951)
reading .\13599\cf_13599.bin (0x4450 bytes) (crc32: 0x15a4ae66 ini: 0x15a4ae66)
reading .\13599\cg_13599.bin (0x6590e b pad 0x65910 cool.gif (crc32: 0x8d643839 ini: 0
could not read \bin\freeboot.bin, using built in core (0xd50 bytes)
reading .\13599\bin\patches_xenon.bin (0x92c bytes)
**** ldv line 3 set to 0f 00 type: 1
xell not found in perbuild directory, checking firmware /bin folder
xell not found in firmware /bin folder, checking base path
reading xell-2f.bin (0x38a60 bytes)
reading .\13599\cb_1940.bin (0x6720 bytes) (crc32: 0x62b7b19c ini: 0x62b7b19c)
reading .\13599\cd_8453.bin (0x5780 bytes) (crc32: 0x25e0acd0 ini: 0x25e0acd0)
reading .\data\\smc_config.bin (0x4000 bytes)
checking smc_config
extracting config
SMC config info:
Target temps: Cpu: 80C Gpu: 83C Edram: 85C
Max temps : Cpu: 100C Gpu: 110C Edram: 117C
Cpu Fan : (auto)
Gpu Fan : (auto)
MAC Address : 00:17:fa:47:f4:da
AVRegion : 0x00000300 (PAL50)
GameRegion : 0x02fe (NTSC/EU)
DVDRegion : 2
resetKey : YYYD

------ Encrypting and finalizing bootloaders ------
patching payload.bin to load size 0xd50 (0x354 reps)
hack found in smc.bin!
patching freeboot.bin with option mask 0x4 and kernel version string '13599'
Options set:
- console DVD eject button is being used to start xell

------ Adding bootloaders to flash image ------
Fixing up FS table...done!
Writing zeropair CG patch slot overflow data to sysupdate.xexp1...done!
Writing target CG patch slot overflow data to sysupdate.xexp2...done!

------ adding 26 firmware files ------
reading .\13599\aac.xexp (0x4800 bytes) (crc32: 0xa622262f ini: 0xa622262f)
reading .\13599\bootanim.xex (0x55000 bytes) (crc32: 0x5ebaa67f ini: 0x5ebaa67f)

reading .\13599\createprofile.xex (0xc000 bytes) (crc32: 0xf53f0259 ini: 0xf53f0
reading .\13599\dash.xex (0x5e9000 bytes) (crc32: 0x0377a5b8 ini: 0x0377a5b8)
reading .\13599\deviceselector.xex (0x9000 bytes) (crc32: 0xa5da5863 ini: 0xa5da
reading .\13599\gamerprofile.xex (0x1a000 bytes) (crc32: 0x9b97b30f ini: 0x9b97b
reading .\13599\hud.xex (0x1f000 bytes) (crc32: 0x3bd83963 ini: 0x3bd83963)
reading .\13599\huduiskin.xex (0x11000 bytes) (crc32: 0xf7c69840 ini: 0xf7c69840
reading .\13599\mfgbootlauncher.xex (0x8000 bytes) (crc32: 0xf4d1be33 ini: 0xf4d
reading .\13599\minimediaplayer.xex (0xc000 bytes) (crc32: 0xcbd3e4a6 ini: 0xcbd
reading .\13599\nomni.xexp (0xd000 bytes) (crc32: 0x8099a6af ini: 0x8099a6af)
reading .\13599\nomnifwk.xexp (0x2000 bytes) (crc32: 0x43d15042 ini: 0x43d15042)

reading .\13599\nomnifwm.xexp (0x5000 bytes) (crc32: 0x6c1f328e ini: 0x6c1f328e)

reading .\13599\signin.xex (0x12000 bytes) (crc32: 0x013749fb ini: 0x013749fb)
reading .\13599\updater.xex (0x8000 bytes) (crc32: 0x0d0d3f84 ini: 0x0d0d3f84)
reading .\13599\vk.xex (0x9000 bytes) (crc32: 0xc3707c11 ini: 0xc3707c11)
reading .\13599\xam.xex (0x217000 bytes) (crc32: 0x35c77172 ini: 0x35c77172)
reading .\13599\xenonclatin.xtt (0x11b000 bytes) (crc32: 0xd5d17ff5 ini: 0xd5d17
reading .\13599\xenonclatin.xttp (0x18000 bytes) (crc32: 0x7a507ad1 ini: 0x7a507
reading .\13599\xenonjklatin.xtt (0x1a8000 bytes) (crc32: 0xdde4a14c ini: 0xdde4
reading .\13599\xenonjklatin.xttp (0x7000 bytes) (crc32: 0x945b7092 ini: 0x945b7
reading .\13599\ximecore.xex (0x15000 bytes) (crc32: 0xa49f0061 ini: 0xa49f0061)

reading .\13599\ximedic.xex (0x90000 bytes) (crc32: 0x1d992bfb ini: 0x1d992bfb)
reading .\13599\ximedic.xexp (0x2800 bytes) (crc32: 0xf67612f5 ini: 0xf67612f5)

***** could not read .\13599\..\launch.xex, skipping *****

***** could not read .\13599\..\lhelper.xex, skipping *****

------ adding 4 security files ------
***** could not read crl.bin, skipping *****
***** could not read dae.bin, skipping *****
reading .\data\\extended.bin (0x3ff0 bytes)
writing as extended.bin to flash

******* WARNING: please make sure your provided a DEcrypted extended.bin!
reading .\data\\secdata.bin (0x400 bytes)
writing as secdata.bin to flash

------ checking for Mobile*.dat ------

------ adding smc_config.bin ------

------ finalizing image ------
Fixing up empty FS block entries...done!
Writing FS table to image...done!
calculating ECD bytes and assembling raw image...done!
writing file '.\FreeBootImage.bin' to disk...done!
.\FreeBootImage.bin written OK

.\FreeBootImage.bin built, info:
console : xenon
NAND size: 16MiB
xell : power on console with console eject button
CPU Key : A59A2FE06D05A895B2DB5E584DBEC75D
1BL Key : DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA
fbBuild Finished. Have a nice day.

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Posted 21 October 2011 - 06:03 PM

Does your jtag not have a way to connect to it and pull anything off it it? LPT? USP?

#3 broksonic


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Posted 23 October 2011 - 10:29 PM

QUOTE(mafiafan123 @ Oct 21 2011, 06:03 PM) View Post

Does your jtag not have a way to connect to it and pull anything off it it? LPT? USP?

No idea as i bought it from a second hand shop

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