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Stop Messing Up Your Discs. Come Here To Burn Verify And Install To Hd

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Posted 24 October 2011 - 07:16 PM

LMAO HOLY shit. This is xbox1 forum sorry meant for xbox360. Can I have a mod move this? I dont wanna double thread.

Ok. I was not gonig to spend time and post this on a forum. But since I was kicked by k3rn3l and Lemon on IRC, this is the ONLY place i can share this info!
For the record, NO, I did NOT write anything to do with LTMAX, I am NOT a part of c4evas team. I simply fuond a way to burn, verify, and install to HDD on something other than a Verbatim. I have helped at least a dozen people reproduce this (on a TDK disc ID RITEK-S04-66).
This is a copy + paste of the INFO I shared. Certain people do not want us testing on anything other than Verbatim (cuz they think we are CHEAP -not a hacking community who tries every possible solution, be it for shits and giggles or otherwise).
Hello, world! Well. Here is my list and settings for working media!
Firstly, remember the EEPROM Utility you used? OPEN that sucker up again!
Go to the OPTIONS tab. Enable ALL options EXCEPT FOR OVERSPEED!
After each one, you will get a GREEN text saying Successful blahblah.
Exit. No need for reboot. These settings will stick even after PC off.
Ok. Now the nitty gritty. In my experience, Verbatim MKM-001 are less reliable than
my TDK (RITEK-S04-66).
These TDKs ONLY burn at 4x/6x/8x. Attempting to use 2.4x will show in IMGBURN
log: Write speed miscompare, wanted 2.4x, got 4x (not actual quote). So 4x will be forced.
OPC can be left ON or OFF for these TDK. OPC OFF should be used on the lighter purple-backed
discs. Get a verb mkm003 and a TDK s04-66 and look at the back. Now look at a memorex.
In the case of the memorex, we WANT to use OPC OFF. But keep in mind that heave Caching/HDD
activity WILL destroy this disc and still burn to the end. Memorex are BAD for this. I am
just using as an example of disc quality by color. I would say to first to a TDK at 4x
with OPC OFF and NOTHING ELSE RUNNING! IRC of course is lightweight, but have the BROWSER
open before the burn. so that the openning and caching of it will not interrupt the disc.
After this disc burns and VERIFIES in IMGBURN (should not have to click or READ ANYTHING
after you click burn. NO ERRORS and NO DIALOGUES). If you do get a dialogue its bad. It
should write and verify all with no dialogue. After you get a good burn with OPC OFF
it is ok to turn ON OPC, and you can use your PC a little bit more... Just be sure to
limit your activity. Set your IMGBURN buffer to 100MB (Settings>I/O>Page 2).
MKM001 at 2.4x only worked for me with OPC OFF
MKM003 at 4x OPC ON failed
MKM003 at 4x OPC OFF failed
TDK(RITEK-S04-66)(WITHOUT extra options in EEPROM ON) at 4x OPC ON FAIL
TDK(RITEK-S04-66)(WITHOUT extra options in EEPROM ON) at 4x OPC OFF FAIL
Once you get a game to 100% Burn, 100% Verify (imgburn), 100% install to HDD, I would assume it safe to turn on OPC at all times. I like to use OPC on at all times to be assured that nothing will go wrong if I am downloading/unrarring/any other file operation. Just be sure to watch that buffer level. If it drops too low you can damage the disc.
@k3rn3l and Lemon. Clearly, I did not write the firmware dude. I just found a GOOD WAY to make use of it for OTHER types of media (Only TDK tested by me thought).
Please do not take this the wrong way. I am not trying to bash on anyone. ITS GOOD INFO AND PEOPLE SHOULD SEE! The Drive options [changeable in EEPROM] make a BIG difference. Be SURE to leave off overspeed. These settings will stick to the DRIVE itself, no need to do them again.

C4eva is a GENIUS! And an amazing contributor! THANKS SO MUCH c4!

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Posted 28 October 2011 - 10:08 AM

This doesnt work wasted 4 discs and the last 3 wouldnt even burn past 50% let alone fail verification

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