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Confirmed Discs That Burn And Verify With Max Firmware

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Posted 12 November 2011 - 10:59 PM

i am using Optical Quantum discs (support 4x, 6x, and 8x write) that show up as RICOHJPN-D01-67 in my drive, which is the iHAS524 B (AL2A). my first two tries with an XGD3 iso and the Burner Max fw failed. one burned successfully (at 4x OPC on) and then failed the Verify at 2112448 sectors. the second (also 4x OPC on) failed to Write at 2116736 sectors. for reference, the first layer should go to 2133519, so they failed near the outer edge of the first layer.

for some reason i decided if i could burn the disc at 2.4x, it might be less likely to error. i did some research and found that the dvd drive firmware stores a list of media IDs and what speeds they are compatible with. i found a program and modified the firmware to think that RICOHJPN-D01-67 discs support 2.4x. my first burn was successful and also passed the verify. just to be sure, i put the firmware back to normal and verified the disc again at regular speed and it passed again.

i am now trying my second disc at forced 2.4x with OPC on. i have a few questions that i would like some opinions on. first, i used OPC on just because that was already checked. c4e says OPC off when burning at 2.4x verbatims, but do you think that only applies to that disc type? or does he say OPC off because it isnít necessary for those discs. if you burn a verbatim at 2.4x with OPC on would it still be good? it seems to me that Optimal power calibration would always be better or equal but never worse. i also read online that some discs burn better at a faster rate, or rather slower isnít always better, but in my case it is working. do you guys think these discs would be safe on xbox live? if my burner can verify the disc no problem, then the xbox should be able to do the same thing right?

i found a program called Media Code Speed Edit (v all i did was run the program, open my firmware (which was iHAS-524B-AL2A-MKM001MKM003-final.bin) and it listed all different disc types. i double clicked on DVD+R9 RICOHJPN D01-067. it asks you to choose a media code to replace this one, so i picked the other RICOHJPN which only allows 2.4x (note: now if i were to put in one of the 2.4x discs, it wouldnít work so donít pick a media ID you plan to use later.) then you just press save, and write the new firmware using flash utility.

youíre supposed to be able to change write and read speeds with the checkboxes on the right however the documentation said if they are grayed out then that feature is not available for your firmware. i am guessing all the burner max firmwares are going to be the same, so you will have to just do the media id replacement method. also i have now burned 4 discs with this media id at 2.4x (OPC on) and all passed verification so far. i will check into this DiscSpeed program and see if it can give further details on the quality of my burns.

i have found this on http://c4evaspeaks.c...h-max-firmware/

all the credit goes to QuickMythril he/she has got this to work and verify with other types of discs cheaper ones at that. i am trying it on some memorex as i type this will comment on it soon as done.

(Thank you guys I just burned NBA 2k12 on my memorex 8.5gb disk burned @ 2.4 OPC enabled using QuickMythrilís method. It burned and verified with no errors and booted up flawlessly on my xbox. QuickMytrill you are a genius thanks again everybody.) another member giving thanks using memorex dvds

i have just finished 2 discs (skyrim and metal gear HD) and they are confirmed working and burned verified (Memorex discs) on both imgburn and kprobe 2...

i have the iHAS524 B maxburn drive...

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