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Tu Manager Not Working..

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 05:32 PM


I have a glitched jtag xbox, and i am using latest versions of Dashlaunch and FSD.
Everything is working perfect except Title Updates. When i open Title Update Manager for any game, and press Y to "Download TUs", after 2 seconds, xbox plays the notification (or update, whatever) sound of Nxe, and screen hangs. After then i can only reboot xbox. I have reinstalled FSD, cleared cache, nothing is solved. By the way, I have not blocked MS DNS from Dashlaunch ini file. FSD download covers,infos without any problem. So, TU manager should work, but it is not.. I will be appreciated if you help me.

Here is the related part of crash log:

17:13:53.654|SkinXMLReader|F9000000|<Instance id = ActiveTUList >
17:13:53.667|SkinXMLReader|F9000000|Came Back Ok
17:13:53.674|TUPathList|F9000000|TUPath List Init
17:13:53.691|SkinManager|F9000000|SceneObjectMap- Scene Name: TitleUpdateManager.xur, HXUIOBJ: 0004540F
17:13:55.196|ContentExtractor|F9000048|Extracting slot image from nxeart
17:13:58.022|ContentExtractor|F9000048|Extracting .xex file
17:13:58.149|ContentExtractor|F9000048|Extracting from nxeart
17:13:58.462|ContentExtractor|F9000048|nxeart opened.
17:13:58.506|ContentExtractor|F9000048|nxeart correct file.
17:13:58.787|ContentExtractor|F9000048|Title Set
17:13:58.963|ContentExtractor|F9000048|Icon Set
17:14:01.020|ContentExtractor|F9000048|Extracting slot image from nxeart
17:14:07.317|Debug|F9000000|Unhandled exception occured...
17:14:07.400|Debug|F9000000|Exception Error has occured:
Unknown reason e06d7363.
17:14:07.549|Debug|F9000000| Address: 0x80086870
17:14:07.592|Debug|F9000000| Code : 0xe06d7363
17:14:07.598|Debug|F9000000| Flags : 0x00000001
17:14:07.601|Debug|F9000000| Parameter Count: 3
17:14:07.634|Debug|F9000000| Parameter 00: 0x19930520
17:14:07.636|Debug|F9000000| Parameter 01: 0x7004f010
17:14:07.638|Debug|F9000000| Parameter 02: 0x8224270c

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