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Partition Recovery Help

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 05:32 AM

Ok so a little background.

*An 200gb xbox drive made with xboxhdm v 1.9. Modded with Krazies ndure evox dash. Partitioned with xbpartitoner (exact size of F and G partitions unknown now), Dash changed to XBMC.

*Worked for a year or so. Xbox stopped booting with this Hd, Stock drive works fine.

*Took the HD out and unlocked it. Copied over the C drive again with no booting success, So I built the new C and E via Xboxhdm It asked if I wanted to format F and I told it No cuz I am trying to recover whats on F and G. Drive loads stock dash fine now but locks on run linux from mechassault with good gamesave.

*The xbrowser on the xboxhdm cd sees an F but all I can see is a bunch of useless garabge names. * Xplorer360 shows 5 partitions Only 0,3,4 have stuff on them 1 and 2 do not and I get cluster mapping errors when Xplorer360 loads the drive.

*Tried fatxplorer , but apparently it only seems to work with 360 drives.
I've had this problem before and resorted to Reformatting everything and starting from scratch.
I don't want to do this if I can help it ?
Any suggestions?

*I was thinking of trying to force xbmc onto the drive in hopes it recognizes the partitions but not sure that will work either or how to copy it over before the drive has been modded.
Any help would be appreciated !

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