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Can't Get Two Nics To Work...

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#1 Sniff


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Posted 08 July 2003 - 12:47 AM

I know a router/hub is a better option, but I already had two nic cards laying around, I figure why spend another $50...
I run my dsl off my mobo port, and the xbox off a plug in nic. I can ping and ftp to the xbox just fine if the dsl nic is disabled, but I'm dead in the water if the dsl is enabled.
I tried setting up internet connection sharing: if the dsl nic is shared (enabled or disabled), the xbox nic won't work. The dsl nic works fine no matter the xbox nic setting.

I have my xbox nic set at, the xbox at I'm aware when using ics, the xbox nic is changed to, I tried changing the xbox settings to no avail.

I've read all the tutorials I could find, searched the boards, and now I'm running out of patience. Can someone please help me???

#2 hump


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Posted 08 July 2003 - 01:19 AM

install bolth nic s and make shure the bolth work to get on the net.

then the way i do it is this , i unplug the internet conection plug in the crossover cable and get the ip from the xbox.

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#3 mrRobinson


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Posted 08 July 2003 - 01:23 AM

piece of cake.
I wouldn't use ICS unless you need it so your xbox can get on live. If you just need your xbox to connect for ftp or transferring of files whatever then just forget about ICS.

So... if you dont want ics all you need to do is put your xbox and the nic that it is connected to on a different subnet then the other nic in your pc that is connected to dsl.
for example...
xbox: xbox nic:
pcnic :

Of course i don't know if you can change your pc nic...

If you're not clear what i'm saying or tried it and it doesn't work answer these:
1. are you connected with crossover cable from xbox to xbox nic? if not what?
2. Go to start --> run and type cmd then enter. then type ipconfig and enter and post what is there.
3. Is anything on your network acting as a dhcp server?
4. oh and do you want your xbox to be able to connect through your laptop to get out the dsl router in order to play xbox live?

#4 Sniff


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Posted 08 July 2003 - 03:26 PM

Update...ok somehow (I have no idea what I changed, tried so many damn things) I can connect to the net and the xbox at the same time...If I enable ics, relax freezes but I can ftp. If I disable ics, relax works. Shoutcast won't do a damn thing, just "connection timed out" every time.

I'll try to answer the questions...
-I can connect to the net with either nic plugged into my dsl modem.
-Yes, I have crossover cables from the comp to the dsl and the xbox.
-Ipconfig list the following
Ethernet adapter for Xbox.........DNS........(none)
Ethernet for Internet.................DNS........(none)
PPP adapter...............................DNS........(none)

-I'm not sure about the dhcp server thing, how do I check?
-And yes, I do want to use Live and shoutcast...

#5 ktjensen


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Posted 10 July 2003 - 10:01 AM

I am also trying to do this. When my DSL trys to activate it gets confused if I have the xbox nic on at the same time. I will try changing subnets, but I really want to have LIVE support. What is the best configuration with DSL?

#6 Comcipher


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Posted 11 July 2003 - 04:40 AM

I had a simmilar problem with my cable modem. I don't have 2 NIC's, but I use a USB cable modem. The thing was that whenever I went to specify the IP address for my NIC, windoze would get confused and change it for my cable modem, which would cause me to lose my internet connection. Eventually the NIC just stayed on the settings that I told it to, and the cable modem acted independantly. I really can't tell you why , but hey, what do you expect, it's MS! I use a crossover cable between the Xbox and PC. My NIC is set to have an IP of and my xbox is with a gateway of Also, make sure that Evox is set to use a static IP address. That held me up when I was doing this for the first time. You have to edit the ini file then re-burn it. Hope that helps smile.gif

also, don't use ICS, just a waste of time.

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