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Xbox 360 Rrod Reflow Repair Service

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Posted 21 December 2011 - 09:13 PM

Professional Xbox 360 Reflow

Email: noahyawar@gmail.com

Proof: https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink

I professionally repair xbox 360 consoles with over two years of experience. This repair covers Red Ring of Death, E74, No Video, No Sound, and Freezing Issues. If your console has never before been repaired or tampered with the chances of your console being able to be repaired are high. If your console has been previously repaired or tampered with the chances of a reflow being successful for your console are low. If your console is not successful after the reflow you will be refunded minus the return shipping cost I have to pay to send your console back to you.

Where to Pay: http://www.flashing3...repair-service/

How to Send in your Console for a repair: Fill out the form here, (Repair Form) and mail your console to the address on the form. (Make sure you mail the form with your console)

The biggest fault with the XBOX 360 is what has become known as the Red Ring of Death or RROD.

Whilst there are many combinations and reasons for these faults, the main cause is overheating. The XBOX 360 has various chips (GPU, CPU, HANA, Southbridge, Ram) and in the process of being played one or more of the solder balls under these chips has either cracked or bridged resulting in whats known as RROD. Although not all of the errors are caused by this, in the vast majority of cases this is the cause.

Our RROD repair service uses a full reflow using high end equipment. The purpose of a reflow is to heat the chip to a temperature slightly above the melting point of lead-free solder which with the addition of liquid flux will cause the cracked solder ball to repair properly.

Please note that many people attempt to reflow using a standard heatgun and quickly find that this will not reflow the bga properly, and by doing this they turn an easily repairable cracked solder joint into a bridged solder joint and some blown mosfets or capacitors. It has taken us a long time and a lot of money to perfect this process using high quality Aoyue equipment which was designed to reflow. Unfortunately this will not work for all error codes and if this does not work then the only option left will be a full reball of the offending chip.

We offer a 60 day warranty on our reflows if the console has never been repaired before.

Another common myth is the towel or the penny trick to repair these errors, although it may seem that this works sometimes we can assure you that this is only temporary and every second spent playing after you have done this is only going to make the problem worse and lower your consoles chance of being able to successfully be repaired.

Please keep in mind, even though we have a 95% success rate on previously unrepaired consoles, not all consoles can be brought back to life. Especially if the console has previously been repaired. In the case where we can't repair your console you will be rufunded minus the return shipping cost.

Please don't use signature confirmation as I may not be available to pick up your console as soon as it arrives.

Note: You may be charged extra if your console requires replacement parts.

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