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Best Video Playback Quality For Xbmc

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#1 jonnymcfly


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Posted 22 December 2011 - 01:12 AM

I am just wondering if someone can tell me or direct me to thread that shows the best video qualities for playback on the xbox1 with Xbmc.

I ask simply because I noticed that some blueray and dvdrips just don't play well. The video is not able to keep up with the audio. Is there a max fps or quality I should be looking for when selecting movie files? It seems the xbox may be getting outdated in reference to the video quality it can play. I like Xbmc cuz it not only allows my deaf ears to insert subtitles, but also to adjust the timing of those subtitles.

I have a v1.6 ndure modded xbox with the latest t3ch version of XBMC from http://www.sshcs.com/xbmc/
Playing on a standard Def TV.

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#2 NobodyHere


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Posted 22 December 2011 - 10:13 PM

You probably would have been better off asking this over in the Xbmc4Xbox sub-forum, or the official xbmc4xbox forums. http://www.xbmc4xbox.org/forum/

You can find links to the latest SVN, or T3CH, builds at the top of the forum there.

Here's a chart for encoding your own videos: http://xbmc4xbox.org...h_XBMC_For_Xbox

It's been said that with the right bitrates, one can even get decent 720p playback.

BUT, this all means that you have to encode your own videos yourself.


I forgot to mention that I sometimes use my PS3 to playback videos via the 'PS3 Media Server' program. If your PC isn't totally ancient (I actually use a P4@3.4Ghz), you can set it up to stream content from your PC's hard-drive to Xbmc4Xbox as an UPnP server.

Here's a guide by 'Dan Dar3'. http://dandar3.blogs...ranscoding.html

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#3 jonnymcfly


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Posted 22 December 2011 - 11:47 PM

biggrin.gif TY !

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Posted 25 December 2011 - 08:52 PM


Blu ray rip:
ffmpeg -i file.avi
Duration: 01:34:48.65, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 3754 kb/s
Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 1280x696 [PAR 1:1 DAR 160:87], 23.98 tbr, 23.98 tbn, 23.98 tbc
Stream #0.1: Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5.1, s16, 448 kb/s

Plays perfect over samba/windows share.

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