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Ndur Softmod 1.1.1 With Surreal 64 5.5

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#1 gamba66


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Posted 22 December 2011 - 01:13 AM


I have been using the NDUR softmod 1.1.1 for my xbox and im currently on an evolutionx bios.

I havent used my xbox (literally) for years and that explains why I have no clue whats going on..

Well, I did find out that I should create an iso with XISO or similiar for the surreal 64 files..

So when i insert the DVD it is detected but it just gets stuck on the evolutionx logo and then returns to the evolutionx 3935 dash.

I hope its ok to post here if not, I beg your pardon

btw, i also have no clue what bios I am on, maybe someone can tell me? and maybe this causes the incompability?

Thanks in advance!

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#2 Rage518


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Posted 22 December 2011 - 07:22 PM

Have you tried to launch the disk with another dashboard? You might want to try UnleashX, just install it as an app.

Also have you checked to see if it might be your disk drive thats not working?

Finally how did you make the XISO of surreal?

#3 gamba66


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 02:48 PM

alright, you kinda answered my question how to install unleashx, so i can just install it as an app and then choose it from the evolutionx dashboard? the requirement for that is that i have an ftp connection to my pc right? i havent suceeded in doing that i think i dont have the required crossover cable

my dvd drive is working, backups work just fine as originals do too.. also i have another disc which has a couple of emulators like nes, snes atari etc and they work fine too

i created the XISO with the program xiso haha i just chose the surreal64 folder, which includes the media rom folder and so on

the xbox detects it as a game but when i start it, it simply freezes on the evolutionx logo or takes me back to the dashboard after a couple of minutes

#4 Rage518


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 06:02 PM

Hi sorry i wasn't more specific about how to install unleashx. Yes you will need a crossover cable to be able to ftp to and from your xbox.

I'm wondering if the program used to create the iso isn't working. You could try 2 other programs to make an XISO. One is called craxton and the other is called Qwix.

Here's a link for Qwix http://xboxisozone.c...3/qwix-101.html
Here's a link for Craxton http://filetrip.net/...axtion-4-0.html credit to retroplay for the link

What program are you using to burn the image?

Are you sure the surreal64 folder isn't missing any files?

As a side note if your running an old version of surreal you should update to the newest version its quite a bit improved Newest version is called Surreal64 CE B5.5

#5 asd2011


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Posted 31 December 2011 - 10:19 AM

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