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Problems Swapping Gamertags Between Accounts

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Posted 28 December 2011 - 05:33 PM

Alright, let's set up a hypothetical. I have 2 accounts (making up names): SelfEvident1 & SelfEvident2

SelfEvident1 gets permabanned. Waited 3 weeks to find out why, never received email, posted in the support forum, never got a response, emailed, called, live chatted, the works, but never found out why, and I was tired of waiting. However, I REALLY want the "SelfEvident1" gamertag.

So I go to Zune.net, sign in on the banned account, and changed my Zune Tag to "SelfEvident3". (SelfEvident1 is now SelfEvident3).

I then try to change the "SelfEvident2" gamertag to "SelfEvident1". It says it has been taken. I check my friends list, and I see that my original "SelfEvident1" gamertag is still there, and hasn't been changed over to "SelfEvident3".

If I go to xbox.com, and sign in with the original "SelfEvident1" gamertag, it says that it is now "SelfEvident3". So I know that the Zune trick worked.

So I figure, maybe I have to try to log in on the console and it will update everything. I try to log into the "SelfEvident1" (now technically SelfEvident3) gamertag, and I get a message saying that it has invalid information and cannot sign in, please download it blah blah blah. I suppose this is due to the gamertag change, as before it would simply just not let me connect to LIVE on the banned account.

So I try an experiment. I go on SelfEvident2 gamertag, and look at my friends list. I see that "SelfEvident1" is still there. I remove the friend. I then ADD "SelfEvident3", and what do you know? It goes through to "SelfEvident3", as if that was an active tag. So I try to change my gamertag to the "SelfEvident1", but it still says it is taken.

I'm really confused here guys. My buddy changed his gamertag, and the very next day, a buddy of ours took his old one, so I know it shouldn't take THAT much time to recycle. It's been a day now, and it's still unavailable. What should I do?

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