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How To Tell If Your Being Scamed

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Posted 06 January 2012 - 06:58 PM

hello everyone. just though i would share what i have learned from being scammed twice on the scene so far (check sig for names) in hopes that some one will be able to learn from my mistakes.

1 way. just joined the X-s a few months ago.
mosst of them open a account untill they think a good amount of time has passed start selling.
most of wich are just under or around 6 months.

2 No seller feedback!.
they claim they sell all the time and even go as far as to make 2 accounts to give themselves feedback.
but most have none. stick to your guns.

3 always some bulls#$%t story about how they need money.
my kids b-day is coming up and i lost my job. my wife is having a kid and is cheating on me.
you get the idea. always something stupid that involve a short amount of time to make as much money as
they can. this is most of the time. lete me honest. most of the people selling on this site dont have kids
or wifes or some retarted reason we need money fast.

4 willing to sell for a stupid low price.
one you hold out for a bit they shoot a stupid low offer of what they are trying to sell
most of the time just over half of whats its worth. dont fall for it
one is that stupid to sell stuff dirt cheap. when they are better off keeping what they have

5. hurry up!.
most of them rush the hell out of things trying to get you to buy as fast as possible.
before you see they are known scammers. like want to you to buy same day

6 i have good feedback on this other site.
most of the time they dont even use the other site.
and if they do its possible they have hacked it and are using it against you.

things you can do to avoid being scamed.

1 get good prof pics
ask for there X-c name on a piece of paper and good pics of the modle number and pics of the item
booting/ working. even ask for a vid if thinks seem fishy. if the seller is lagit he should have no
problems sending them the same day. look them over well. most of them
just chop up whatever to look like what you are buying. and post there name on it

2 small steps first
one thing i always like to do is see if they have something for a smaller price to sell.
like a chip or a broken something. even a controler a games.
its a good way to get started to as a seller.

3 meet me in the middle.
this one is kinda tricky. you have to have good buyer feedback first.
but another good thing to do is on big price item's pay half now and half later.
if the seller has no good feedback then it should be perfectly fine provided you have good
buyer feedback. but again trickey for both partys. if he gives you a hard time even tho
you as a buyer have good feedback. its a scam. they just are wanting more money out of you.

4 tracking number.
get on so you and the seller both know where its at what what happens with it. it only like 5 bucks extra.

5 search the hell out of him.
use google and the X-S sig search. and even search on other sites
seach there paypal they provide too. and even thou PP buyer protection is
kinda a joke.( yes. it does not matter that much)
dont ever gift it. as long as what your buying is some what legal
then you migh me able to get you money back.

6 do your part
post of sigs and on there bst post. let people know all you can.
yeah it sucks but if all of us pull together then they will stop bothing with this site.
stick to your guns. if you think even a small chance this guy is non lagit
you can find some one who is. there is always more stuf to buy no matter how rare.

i hope this has been helpful. feel free to post or comment anything i have missed.
the more informed the better.

yes my spelling and grammer sucks.
get over it. happy.gif

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#2 tomgreen99200


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Posted 07 January 2012 - 02:55 AM

Your kinda new here, who you trying to scam? jk jester.gif

#3 StrictPuppet


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Posted 08 January 2012 - 10:53 PM

This does not belong in this forum, moving....

#4 vampireEX


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Posted 10 January 2012 - 03:38 AM

How in the hell was this missplaced under complements sudgestions complaints?. I am sudgesting how to keep from getting ripped off while complaining about how much it sucks and complementing how lame this scene has gotten.
No wonder why people are saying the x s has gone down hill.

the off topic dump? Really?

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#5 StrictPuppet


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Posted 10 January 2012 - 05:37 AM

I'll tell you "how in the hell" its in the wrong forum.

Feel free to post suggestions, compliments and constructive complaints about the website or forum here!

The compliments, complaints, suggestions forum is for issues with the website that you want to bring to the attention of admins, it is not for a general announcement to the masses by another member. Posting this in the CSC forum is just preaching to the choir.

There are numerous stickied posts in each BST forum that outline steps members can take to avoid being scammed, you could have easily added to one of those threads.

While we are on the topic of suggestions; I suggest you check your attitude, spelling and grammar before hitting submit next time.

If X-s is going down hill, it's posts like yours that are putting it there.

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Posted 11 January 2012 - 03:22 AM

Forget the how to tell your going to be scammed, and just follow the How to protect your self from being scammed steps..

1. be paypal verified.
2. only deal with other pay pal verifed people.
3. Pay the extra 2% or so for a pay pal invoice.


Pay cash on delivery/collection only, never send cash by mail..


There you go.

#7 deilzfcjk


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Posted 11 January 2012 - 04:48 AM

google the email he used with paypal. Sometimes if you google the email, you see the scammer has scammed someone else on another forum for a totally different product. But a scam and dishonesty is universal. You don't need to know about other products. Just read the complaint about this person.

#8 steveo1978


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Posted 11 January 2012 - 08:29 AM

Also Do not from people that contact you directly through PM and do not post in your BST thread or have their own thread. If a person PMs you and trys to sale you something or buy something from you tell them to post in your thread and work out the details through PM. If you have worries about a member PM me and if I have the time I will try and help you. I am not saying to contact any other mod with this I am just saying I personally will try and help as much as I can.

@vampireEX most of the things you said look out for would apply to me.

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