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A Couple Of Questions About Spoofing And A Tool Suggestion :)

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#1 geodeath


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Posted 09 January 2012 - 06:47 PM

Hi all!
After having modded so many boxes (classic consoles, xboxes, yadda yadda yadda) and flashed all revisions of c4eva's fw, i came to a halt when trying to flash lt+ 2.0 to a samsung ms28 spoofed as ms25.. I already know that spoofing a liteon to a samsung is not possible anymore (if it was, that would be my chosen path), but is ALL spoofing gone with xgd3 games and LT+ 2.0+ fw? I thought that spoofing an ms28 to an ms25 is not so big of a difference but 4 totally different drives, all ms28, with totally different work hours (some are really tired drives, others are fresh) do not load the xgd3 games that should work, given they do work (the backups) on an lt+ 2.0 modded original ms25 (another console, but of similar age, hence they both have ms25 as original). Older backups work fine...

This was my first question. Is there anyone using an ms28 spoofed as ms25 with lt+ 2.0 and loading xgd3 backups fine? All backups are made with an IHAS drive with the best verbatim media around.. and they load fine everywhere else.

(Btw, my xbox has the original liteon drive which reads everything fine, this is another box i am talking about that i am almost ready to throw off the window...)

On another note, i had a ck3 pro in the past and i somehow lost it (dumb i know). Now i am thinking of getting a new gizmo to hook up my drives to the computer for easier flashing.. I see the X360 USB PRO is quite a good piece of equipment, but 2 things do not make sense to me. Why isn't there an integrated power supply for the drive? It seems really dumb to put out a possibly portable or "easy" solution to hook the drives without the need to open up the case and then having to use molex adapters of any kind. Since molex is in the case. I know i can use a ck3 or something similar to get power but this kinda makes buying the USB PRO not necessary. If i can dump and flash with the CK3 why get the USB pro too? So, what i want as a suggestion is what hardware to pick for flashing all possible drives.. If this is the USB pro, which is the best way to get power without buying another piece of hardware? Can't i get power from the console? I see that i need to get the probe too, but this is just a power cable with a switch. Can't i plug this to the console motherboard instead of buying a ck3 or something equivalent?

Or is there another piece of hardware that does-it-all at the same time? I hate having to plug 15 different things at once if i can avoid it. Isn't there a solution for powering up the drive that does not include other functionality?

thanks guys..

edit: Just saw that 2.01 fixed some "bugs" with 8.7Gb backups. Given i used 2.0 and not 2.01 could this be the problem? The ms25 that plays xgd3 fine is still using 2.0 too.. which is the reason i am about to throw it off the window...

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Posted 12 January 2012 - 03:11 AM

u saying that the original drive is ms25? and the ms28 wont work? from what i know after 13146 all samsuns become ms28, that might be the problem, u should spoof the drive.
About the usbpro, i believe the main reason of its creation, it's the ability to use the usb, fixing problems many people have with imcompatible sata, configuration etc... (i personally used many diferent computers throught the years and never had issues with the sata), and it can also unlock slim directly, without the use of a usb adapter or via port on ide mode, theres also a power supply that is sold separately to pair the usb pro (kinda like a ck3).
btw have u tried the 2.01 fix already?

#3 geodeath


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 01:45 PM

sorry for the late answer.. the original drive for that box was indeed an ms25 that we later switched to a spoofed ms28 cause the first died... Now i have FOUR ms28 drives lying on my floor, all flashed with lt+ 2.0 (not 2.01 yet) and none of them will actually play any xgd3 game, truncated or not... I will try the 2.01 with all of them just to be sure. 2 of these drives should work without any problems, they were working fine with the ixtreme fw and they still play xgd2 games with lt+ 2.0, just not xgd3... What is going on here? I am not a noob, but this situation is crazy. My bro's xbox (another box) also has an ms25 as the original drive, still working.. Flashed lt+ 2.0 to it and it playes xgd3 games just fine.. Only one did not, it could be something i did but the case remains. He CAN play xgd3!! The other box will NOT!

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