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Hombrew Or Modified Drive Firmware Xbox? (discuss)

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Posted 18 January 2012 - 07:06 AM

I am trying to gather as much info as possible on which route to go for my old xbox. I dont need specifics on how to do any modifying, just some of your input as to which one you would choose if you could have one or the other tomorrow..

Heres my situation: I have 2 xbox's. I have a 360 slim which is my new xbox for online play and to play disc ran games legally. This is the one i mainly plan to only ever use online

I have an older version xbox (not a slim) with a dead dvd drive. I have someone who is prepared to mod my console for me but left me the option to go with a homebrew (no dvd drive anymore, just a hard drtive installed) or the modified way (flashed drive to play burned discs). So i am looking at what way would benefit me the most.

I guess first off, i am leaning towards the homebrew mainly because it would be nice to download games and never have to burn them. Seeing as i have an older dvd burner, this would save me having to buy a new burner, dual layer discs, and the time it takes to download each game etc. However i would like some input on the downfalls to this mod and/or some of your experiences on why it is a great idea.

Mainly one issue i have is storage space. The person who is going to mod it for me told me to go with maybe a 500gb hard drive. Ok, well each xbox game is around 7 to 8 gb (not counting dlc packs etc. plus all the xbox live arcade game i could download) so i may fill this up fast. What option do i have once this hd is full and i want more games? Is there an option to use the usb ports on the xbox for more harddrive storage once its modded if i have a large external hard drive here?

Also, I am not that into customizing dashboards etc. so this will be nothing i plan to do. No custom coding to manipulate games etc. Remember i only want this xbox for offline gaming.

So can anyone help me out with their experiences with each modded console and some of the things you can do etc. Be as detailed as possible and thanks for your help !!

P.S. - i did do a lot of hunting online for details on each mod but kept finding a lot of forums on how to actually do the mods but no detailed list of what these mods actually do. So if anyone also knows some websites or forums that specifically state what these mods can/cannot do please let me know as well. Also any of you are free to message me as well.


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Posted 18 January 2012 - 08:12 AM

Piracy = no help here.

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