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What Has Happened In The Last 6 Months?

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#1 PlayGuy


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Posted 20 January 2012 - 07:41 PM

My XBOX died 6 months ago, the drive started to fade out and I tried a POT tweak...
Now, I finally got a replacement drive, and I want to get back to the modding scene, but a lot has changed and I have so many questions. I tried reading and searching but seems like there is no specific answers to my questions, so I'm sorry if this is noobish, I don't usually post these kinds of questions, but I really need some clarification.

So, I have the said Xbox working again, and it has LT+3.0. I have an old dashboard, probably from around the time Skate 3 and Forza 3 were released, Wave 3 times I think.
I know that if I want to play the new Forza 4, I have to install the newest dash. First question: Will my old games work? Or do I have to burn them again?
What about burning AP25 games? Do I need a special writer?

Keep in mind my Xbox is already banned, I don't care if I have to apply patches to games (like I did when the wave 3 games came out), etc.

Thanks in advance.

#2 SScorpio


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Posted 21 January 2012 - 09:11 PM

Is your console is already banned there isn't much reason not to RGH hack as long as you don't have a Xenon. Since your disk drive died six months ago you wouldn't have a newer slim that doesn't support RGH.

New games use a new format called XGD3 and people buy a LiteOn iHAS124 DVD burner to mod to allow over-burning of verbatim disks to support the new games. But for just over the cost of the new DVD burner you can buy a RGH chip and boot games right off a HDD. This will save money in the long run, and it gives you access to XBLA games and DLC. There is soldering involved and you'll need a NAND programmer, or you can just send it to an installer.

If you used to follow the scene and drooled with jealousy over people with JTAGs. Well the RGH gives you all of those cool things along with not currently being limited to a specific firmware version.

Since you haven't been around do a search for FreeStyleDash. There are some decent Youtube videos showing off features.

#3 crazy650


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Posted 01 February 2012 - 03:28 AM

So i have been out the scene since the launch of forza 3 when i played early o well right. So what is all the new stuff im sure there is more then what u posted. I have seen videos were some one did custom dasboard but that was on the old style? can u do it on the new? I have a lite on drive not sure what ver it is. is there any way they can find out your playing not real game if so i guess i well have to buy a second box to play off line then not a big deal.

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