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A Firmware That Will Simply Play Everything.

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Posted 22 January 2012 - 05:45 PM

Guys, seriouslly... This new update to ixtreme turned my xbox into a useless piece of hardware... Almost all my old backups won't boot anymore, I need to buy a new dvd burner and MOD it to burn new backups.... I wasting money because ALL OF THIS is suposed to protect me from being BANNED from xbox live, BUT i've been BANNED YEAAAAAAAAAAARS ago... and I don't CARE about Live as I have a slim running originals completelly unmodded for that!

So, I'm asking, NO, BEGGING, DEVs PLEASE, think about all of us, BANNED users, and users who don't give a shit about xbox live, and consider a special version of IXTREME that will boot just anything without concern about been flaged or whatever...

I know I can go and try the RGH on my phat, but I lack the skills to solder the mod chip, and I lack the TIME to study all I need to implement it, and the only guy I know that works with the kind of mod in my country charges 200 Bucks (USD) for the service!!!! It's the price of new BOX!

seriously, I bet most of the Ixtreme users are banned anyway...

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Posted 22 January 2012 - 06:20 PM

What you are asking for simply cannot be done. Microsoft latest security upgrades were designed to make things harder for both online and offline play. Try and find someone willing to do the RGH for less money.

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 02:44 PM

Why are you even complaining? You probably don't pay for your games from the sound of your rant.

You can't afford a $20 drive, that requires no special hardware to flash?

You can't afford to spend $1 a disc to reburn some games, that you probably wont even replay. The firmware is made to allow to bypass AP25 protection. Even if you are banned,but if you update to the latest dashboard, you would still have problems with the latest games. You need the new firmware the way it is to play the newest games. Its just the way it functions. When you update your dash, you get a file on your 360 called DAE.BIN and this affects if a game will boot or not. So the special drive is also needed to make sure you get all data on the disc burned and not get any game read errors because of missing data.

Like he said above, get RGH done. It can play games off usb hard drive and then you never have to worry about updating your firmware on your dvd drive because you can just convert ISO on your PC to work on your USB drive. $200 in Brazil? Thats nuts, I only charge people $80 and that includes the cost of chip.

C4E probably wont make a special firmware for this. I doubt it because there is many other things left on his plate. He has to make 3.0 for hitachi 78/79, find a way to read and write to slim DG-16d5s and slim hitachi. Then has to worry about whatever MS is trying to do.

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