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[aus] Consoleme! Pro Gaming Console Repair, Modding And Hacking Fo

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 04:21 AM

Hi All,

I offer Xbox360, PS3, Wii, PSP and other console modding, repair and hacking services to the Australian public. Please head over to my website http://www.consoleme.webs.com for more details and have a look at my customers testimonials while you are there.

Price list - (this is a general approximation and exact cost will be advised after the console is diagnosed)

PS3 YLOD .aka Yellow Light of Death - $70 - $145
PS3 Blue Ray drive Faults DRE - $115 - $155
PS3 No power or power supply related faults - $125 - $165
Xbox360 RROD .aka Red Ring of Death - $70 - $130
Xbox360 E72 / E74 / E64 / E71 e.t.c. - $ 60 - $110
Xbox360 DVD drive errors or replacements - $95 - $135
Xbox360 Update loop or other related errors - $60-$110

Xbox360 Slim/Arcade/Original/Premium/Elite Flashed to LT+ 2.x-3.x
Drive Model CFW Version Price Availability
Hitatchi GDR-3120L LT+2.0B $50 LT+3.0 TBA for 078/079 only
Samsung MS25 & MS28 LT+2.01 $60 LT+3.0 Not Required
BenQ VAD6038 LT+3.0 $70 LT+3.0 Avail
Lite-On DG-16D2S LT+3.0 $80 LT+3.0 Avail
Lite-On DG-16D4S 9504/ 0272 LT+3.0 $135 LT+3.0 Avail
Lite-On 0225 LT+3.0 $170 LT+3.0 Avail
Lite-On 0401 LT+3.0 $170 LT+3.0 Avail
Lite-On 1071 LT+3.0 $170 LT+3.0 Avail
Lite-On DG-16D4S 1175 N/A N/A No ETA
Hitachi 0500 N/A N/A

Lite-On DG-16D2S 0800 v3.0 $90 Now Avail
BenQ VAD6038 0800 v3.0 $90 Now Avail
Lite-On PC Burner iHASx24B iXtreme Burner MAX $40 Now Avail

Xbox360 SMC JTAG Exploit with Freeboot 13604 Dash & LT+ 2.0C DVD drive flashed - $105*

In order to take advantage of this exploit you will firstly need an exploitable xbox360 console. All consoles made after June 2009 are not JTAG-able so that means all slim models are out of the question. Apart from having a pre June 2009 manufacture date you will also need to be on a dashboard version of 2.0.7371. You can confirm the dashboard version by going into system settings and then console settings. There you may need to scroll down to system info to see e.g. 2.0.7371 or 2.0.12625 e.t.c. If you have a dashboard version of anything above 2.0.7371 (which is probably 99% of consoles that people own nowadays.) then you are not JTAG-able. Even if you fall within the first two requirements you still have one final hurdle to get over and that is to have an exploitable CB version. There is no way that you can check that as a dump of the NAND is required to confirm if your console is exploitable or not. Please do not send me emails/sms or phone asking me silly questions like I'm on dashboard version 2.0.13599 can I get my console JTAG'ed. Or another really silly question I get is can you JTAG my slim which has a manufacture date of 2010 blah blah. The obvious answer to that would be NO! I hate to have sounded blunt but I find it is necessary for some people to understand how rare it is to find a JTAG'able console.

* Drive flash is done at a flat rate of an extra $30 regardless of model of the drive.

Xbox360 Reset Glitch Exploit with GGBuild 13604 Dash & LT+ 2.0 DVD drive flashed* - $155 to $205 depending on model

To know if you have a RGH Expoitable console it is fairly easy check. To confirm just turn your console round to the back and have a look at where the AV port is. You should see the big AV port with the proprietary connector and if you have a smaller HDMI port below then you are almost there *see picture below*.

The only other requirement is for Jasper and Slim models. If you have a Jasper model then you would need to have a CB_A of 6750 or below as anything above is not glitchable at this moment in time (well at least not reliably). For the Slims you would need to have a Trinity revision motherboard such as Vahalla and other version is not glitchable.

*The LT+2.0C will only be included for the phat models and not the slims. If you would like to get the drive flashed as well and you have a slim then I can do a bundle deal where you get 50% off the standard price of the flashing e.g. 9504 flashing normally cost $130 so half that is $65.

PlayStation 3.55 or below jailbreak with Kemaw CFW & Multiman installed to internal hard drive - $75

For the Jailbreak to be possible you will need to be on a official firmware version of 3.55 or below. This is the only requirement that is needed to be Jailbreakable so to confirm if you are on a Jailbreakable firmware you need to go into your system settings menu and select system info. If you have anything above 3.55 then your not Jailbreakable.

Coming Soon Downgrade your 3.56+ firmware PS3 to a 3.55 or below Jailbreakable firmware.

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Posted 08 February 2012 - 05:00 AM


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