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Dual Booting With Ndure3.1? & Lower Startup Fan Speed?

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#16 fallenangle


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Posted 12 March 2012 - 12:42 AM

Thanks. That something I hadn't thought of trying ie. just putting a Xbox dash.xbe in the Apps folder rather than the XBMC shortcuts folder. It does work too as I've just tried it.

Just like putting it in the XBMC > shortcuts folder it appears as a source called Xbox Dashboard in the Programs > Programs menu. Now if all I wanted was to be able to do is boot the MS dash direct from XBMC I now know how to do it two different ways.

But the problem is that whilst they are good solutions neither method actually requires the use of those provided shortcuts. What I'm really trying to work out is how they're intended to be used. Nobody here appears to know.

I've been searching through XBMC .xmls and the only place I've found a shortcuts reference is in the UserData folder source.xml where there is a <path>Q:\Shortcuts</path> entry. But that doesn't really help.

I beginning to wonder if this is a skin issue as Movax suggested earlier and it needs the right skin to enable the shortcuts.

I use the default PMIII and only have PM3.HD as an alternative. The skin clearly affects what options are provided because the PM3.HD skin has a different shutdown menu which includes additional options like "Exit XBMC". When you use that it reboots to the MS dash. But which XBMC .xml decides that (and whether PMIII skin can be edited to enable that too) I can't work out.

As it is the PM3.HD version is unsuitable for my use. It doesn't even seem to feature a Programs menu at all and anything related to games appears unavailable when using this skin. Looks like I may have to try downloading a few new XBMC skins.

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Posted 12 March 2012 - 01:13 AM

If you don't have Confluence as a default skin and you didn't delete it yourself, then you really should update your entire build of XBMC because I suspect that your build has to be quite old to not include Confluence.

#18 fallenangle


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Posted 12 March 2012 - 03:19 AM

That's the dilema - still on dial-up so updating XBMC is impractical due to the file size so I'm stuck with my late 2008 version which only came with the two skins mentioned. Ironically this XBMC version (which came on the AID disc somebody burned for me a long time ago) is the one I used to replace my even older XBMC. What I forgot about when I did that was that it also included a 35+ skin pack. It was deleted in the process. sad.gif

However there's no reason why a new or alternative skin which enables everything shouldn't work on my XBMC version. Why would they provide the MS dash shortcuts otherwise? I should be able to find some skins or even skin pack downloads that are practical.

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