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First Liquid Cooling Project

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Posted 13 March 2012 - 04:03 AM

I have been looking at a lot of liquid cooled xbox 360's and I want to convert mine for two reasons

1.) to use it as practice for when I eventually build a PC
2.) just because its awesome

some of the first questions I have are what are some of the in's and out's of liquid cooling (ie. maintance over the long term etc) and I plan to have an external radiator and possibly resivoire but attach them to the case some how so I can still keep my 360 portable

also I dont know if it would be easier to power everything internally from the xbox its self of have another psu to power the pump and fan or fans that will be added (also there will probably be some UV cathodes in there to) for the liquid cooling loop (I dont mind two plugs) I just want to keep it fairly mobile as it is now since I do take it over my friends house etc.

I'm trying to put together a parts list obviously for the cooling block I plan to use the xspc block

I have been looking on frozen pc.com anyone ever delt with them before good bad??

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Posted 23 March 2012 - 01:34 PM

FrozenCPU are a known site . Shop around on eBay and other websites and you can probs find stuff cheaper.

There are guides as such that will help you with the basics of water cooling etc such as this one: http://www.clunk.org...-beginners.html

Also, for deciding for portability it would depend on your budget and your time and knowledge. I have not water cooled in some time now so I wouldnt know the parts needed etc however you need to be careful that you dont have the rad too small that it overheats or is not efficient enough.

The main reason for water cooling is to bring heat transfer efficiency to a maximum as water conducts heat better than air. Anyway, if you plan to have the power for the cooling set from a external computer psu then it will take up alot of space however if you decide to withdraw power from the xbox 360 motherboard then depending on which motherboard you have, you can do that. What I did was get the motherboard that takes 175W PSU, find all the necessary contacts to wire a 4 pin molex cable to and then use a 203W power supply so I have enough head room to feed the power and wattage to the water coolng bits and bobs. I did this because I did not want to stress the 17W PSU but powering from the box motherboard is the best option as then when you switch the xbox on, the cooling comes on as well.

Alternatively you can get slim power supplys and wire everything to that so you have two plugs. and If you have done all the water cooling stuff and you want it mobile, then I would recommend quick connect plugs so with them you can literally take the pipes out without loosing water and then connect them back again very easily when you asre at your mates house.

Sorry guys if I made any mistakes - Im a bit rusty in the xbox scene. Not done stuff in a while to them.

candccentral.co.uk and http://www.watercoolinguk.co.uk/ - thats presumably if your in UK. ?!?

P.S - 200 views and not 1 reply? thats bad man. feel sorry for this guy.

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 02:13 AM

Have you thought of making it all internal?

I'd power everything from the motherboard..
After all its just a 12v pump and fan.

As for the lights.. you can use 12V LED strips which use barely and power.

I'm based in the UK and I use "http://www.watercoolinguk.co.uk/"

I am currently building my own xbox water cooling project, how do you open a thread?

Hope I helped, Cory.



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Posted 28 March 2012 - 04:07 AM

well 90% of it will be internal just the radiator and resivoir will be on the outside and I'm gonna mount them to the side of the case, and the reason I want to power it with a seperate power supply is so I can turn the liquid cooling system on with out the xbox being on to test for leaks and what not also so I dont over draw the stock xbox power supply

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