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128mb Ram Upgrade Wip - Help

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 09:25 AM

Hey guys, so after hearing/reading/seeing others do it on X-S and places beyond, I figured I'd give it a shot. Knowing full well it doesn't have many practical applications, I wanted to go ahead and do it anyway because. . .I love doing this kind of stuff.

Long story short, I have access to use a iR reballing station and all other relevant console repair supplies.
IPB Image

IPB Image
Here's what the ram will be going into. A case swap project years in the making. Maybe some might recognize it from way back in the day, if so yes its the same one, unfinished.

So after I got all the ram chips off, cleaned properly, then attached I get 3 restarts and fragging. I fluxed the points first, tacked down two opposing legs then proceeded to reflow the solder to attach each of the four ram chips. After doing all four, I booted up and got 3 restart boots, followed by flashing red and green.

My bios is iND-5003, this should be compatible, correct? I know your bios needs to support higher ram and I've heard this one is compatible, can anyone give insight?

Also, I would think reflowing would be an accurate, controllable way of attaching the ram chips. Would soldering by hand be superior?

Any help would be appreciated. I know the og xbox is outdated now but I hope there's other passionate nerds out there like me to lend a helping hand.


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Posted 01 April 2012 - 02:40 PM

ok just to clarify you removed some ram from 1 board and cleaned them, then a second "previously working board" You did not take the ram off that..
and instead attatched the new ram to it..

I would say doing it by hand would be better because you dont run the risk of losening legs from the opposit side of the board.

now its definatly flashing red and green right??
because red and green is diferenet to orange and green excetera..

if its red and green are you sure the ram is on there the correct way.. Theres a small dot on the board where the ram is. and 2 circles on the ram. the small circle on the ram is closest to the dot on the board correct?

also your not mixing the ram with hyinx ram are you?
if its not really flashing red and green and instead is green and orange. Check for solder bridges. or wire bridging ram legs aor legs slightly missalined and are on the wrong pads..

Were you booting the xbox after you installed 1 extra ram chip ? (advizable) if it was not fraging after the 1st then that one should be fine.. (dosent need to fully boot.. you just dont want it fraging)

I would definatly take the time to check all the legs are on the right pad. and that they are fully attached properly. (a nother reason why doing it manualy is better because that helps press the leg down on the pad.)

Its also a good idea to use paste flux on the pads so that the chip stays where you want it to stay..

Its a pain in the ass of a job honestly. And you really should boot the box after each and every ram block is attached to check for frags.

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