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Need Help Trouble Buring With Ihas Drive For My Backups

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#1 maddog75


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 06:33 PM

I have been burning disc for a long time never have any problems. I always use verbatims and almost always singapore ones. I have been using pioneer drives for ever and use imgburn to burn them. The trunicated disc all work fine on my samsung with 14599 dash. However finding more and more issues with my kids and friends xbox which are liteon drives.

I bought an ihas drive awhile ago I just haven't been using it. Bought a ihas 224b -gloa drive. I flashed it following instructions to a T. I set i to hyper burning and smart burn with eeprom utility, am currently using MKM003 verb media buring at 4x per C4EVA'S instructions. The image I am using was patched with abgx and topology data was patched properly ran again to verify is good image. my sata is set to IDE, I am using onboard sata. I can burn the image using trunicate and it works on my samsung but not on the liteon's tried buring this image 5 times with ihas setup and keeps failing first 4 times would fail right away soon as started burning but used a different onboard sata port and cable and the last time it burned fully but it kept getting errors during verification process. Put in 360 and image shows up but still get unsupported disc. Run disc in abgx and it shows fine good image. This process is starting to really piss me off. Miss the old method burn with imgburn with my pioneer and good as gold.

Now I always make sure to buy singapore disc and have bought from newegg forever and no am a little annoyed they sent me disc from india but have arleady started u sing them so not sure If I can return these perhaps that is my issue. I really need to get this figured out. Does it help if I cross flash to a ihas 624b, have also read about people running in safe mode and tried once but had a sata issue at that moment so not sure if that would fix it properly. I also have verify and OPC checked with the mkm 003 disc at 4x per c4eva instructions. How do I make sure the image was ripped the right way per c4eva instructions is there a program to check that or is running it through abgx sufficent for that. As well how do you patch topology data manually like with mass effect 3 which I heard you have to do.

One more question since my Samsung has no issue with trunicated disc, can I keep using that method for that drive is it possible microsoft can do a new check on the sammy's to kill it.

#2 wang_chung


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 08:47 PM

run your disc through kprobe at 4x to see how well of a burn you got.

no trucated burning with ihas, there is a whole new procedure.

run your iso through agbx with auto-fix level 3
in imgburn, make sure burn-proof is un-ticked
make sure you have the correct LB depending on whether xgd2 or xgd3.
select online hyper tuning
clear opc history
perform opc

and burn at 4x.

then run your disc through kprobe and post your results.

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#3 hardie


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 10:25 PM

THE LIGHTNING UK! SETTINGS - OPC = OFF, OHT = OFF, SB = ON, FHT = OFF, OS = ON For Burning MKM001 at 4x speed

New settings form Lightning UK (ImgBurn Author)

First clear OPC in EEPROM.

Mode > Write > Advances settings (bottom right corner) > LITE-ON > Change for > Clear OPC History > New Setting > Clear > Change > OK > OK

Power cycle the drive (reboot) and then try these settings


Layerbreak: Calculate optimal



They should give you a nice stable burn on MKM003 with Singapore discs.

#4 maddog75


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Posted 04 April 2012 - 03:40 AM

Do i have to clear OPC every time?

#5 filletofish


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Posted 04 April 2012 - 08:25 AM

QUOTE(maddog75 @ Apr 4 2012, 03:40 AM) View Post

Do i have to clear OPC every time?


If those settings give you a bad burn for the 1st burn after those settings, then it's a good idea to clear OPC and then do another burn until you get a good one, chances are your first one should be ok though if you are using verbatim 8x media burning at 4x.

This would be the only time you should need to clear OPC after making those settings active. Even then it's a little bit of being over cautious, different people say different things and some say with those settings that OPC data isn't even learnt.

It's a bit of cross your fingers in this area to be honest.

Personally have found recent batches of verbatim 25pcs printable 8x have given terrible burns like Aone disks around the layer break. It's very much hit and miss, I have 3 ihas drives and all show same behaviour so can't really blame the drives deteriorating.

After doing a kprobe test, i run the disk through a different drive that is capable of reading at 16x at the outer edge, if the speed doesn't drop below 11-12x at the outer edge then i call that a good burn.

I'm contradicting myself here in terms of quality of disks, it's all relative, there was a time when a verbatim disk would never give a bad burn even if it was scratched and covered in dust before being burnt!...Not a chance you'll find a disk like that anymore.

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