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Nandpro Gui V5.0 By Nknave/krizalid

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Posted 10 April 2012 - 09:49 AM

NandProGUI v5.0 by Nknave

This is a simple tool I decided to code for my personal use since it is defined
by my specific needs that other tools may not have or their focus does not fit
my needs.

The main goal of this tool is to perform all operations to the Xbox 360's NAND
when you plan to install RGH or JTAG-SMC, do it all in one window and leave the
rest when xell is loading on your machine.

I recomend xeBuid GUI v2.04 by Swizzy to complete the rest of the tasks if the
builtin xeBuildGUImini_v2.0 is not enough for you.

The main idea and how this tool is focused:

1.- Choose your NandPro Interface (patch LPT port if Necessary)
1a.- Choose version of NandPro in USB mode
2.- Read NAND 3 times (2mb if your interface is LPT)
3.- Compare 3 nands y create new to use as your main backup
(It is not a very robust comparison but it does the job)
4.- Flash Xell JTAG-SMC or ECC for the RGH
4a.- This tool is capable of building a valid ECC hacked images defined by
the active binary selected, this can be done with the button I added
or you may be prompted if you choose to flash ECC and the ECC is not
either selected or created. You will be prompt to build it prior flashing.

This application counts with the following features:

Version 5.0

- Added RGH 2.0 support for ECC Builder
- Proper Identification of the CB to determine if image to be built
should be RGH 1.0 or RGH 2.0 on Phat Consoles
- Updated builtin xeBuildGUImini_v2.0 with RGH 2.0 Support
- Proper Identification of the CB to determine if image to be built
should be RGH 1.0 or RGH 2.0 on Phat Consoles
- Added CoolRunner RGH 2.0 *.xvsf files for CPLD Programming
- Added CoolRunner RGH 2.0 phat Diagram
- Few changes in the menu layout
- Some buttons removed and replaced functions in menustrip
- Added Import Bin and Save Active Binary to a target location
- Added Internal Credits in "About > Info"
- Minor bugfixes

Version 4.33

- Bug corrected on BadBlock scaner (improper block config for CB 6712) FIXED!
- Code optimization
- Few other bugs removed
- Added xeBuildGUImini v1.0 to create a fast hacked image
- Image building based on the posibility of the hack according to source bin
- Only requires to input CPU Key, set few checkboxes and done!
(Alternatively you may put cpukey.txt in next to NandProGUIv4 so that it
will automaticly read the key from the file)
- Includes DashLaunch v2.32 + launch.ini
- Includes "No fcrt.bin" support for building images
- Automatic detection for Jasper BigBlock images (64MB)
- Currently only limited to 14699 Kernel (subject to change)
- JTAG Hacked SMC is limited to original wiring (no AUD_CLAMP)
- At the end it may ask you if you wish to put this file to a USB of choice
- Includes checkbox to add Avatar Updates
- *Optional Avatar Update for 14699 install to "usb_files\$$ystemupdate"
- Includes checkbox to add RawFlash v4 (if needed)
- If you select to add RawFlash v4, will copy binary as nandflash.bin
else as updflash.bin
- Improved Process progress Bar timings (not really, but it's better)
- Added Stinger *.xsvf files for CPLD Programing
- Added Stinger and Matrix Glitcher II Install Diagrams
- You will still need your xell binaries for JTAG-SMC in "xell_JTAG" folder

Version 4.0

- Better translations between languages
- Much more organized folders for tasks
- It no longer launches nandpro in a console window
- it runs in the background and a progress bar is shown instead,
at the end you may view the Log
- This Log can be saved if you wish to
- This Log saves evens from nandpro and ECC-Generator
- Bad Block Handler tool is no longer limited to the use of Xell,
you may now use any image and flash
- Removed the need to manually add the block IDs thanks to nandchk!
- Removed *.dll dependencies... it's pretty much finished so no updates may be
required other than bugfixes.

Information about the progressbar on NandPro:

The progressbar is only a simulation/guestimation of the event based on a timing
event. First will verify against 1 block on nand and define the time it took to
perform the task, than that is the time it should take for the progress bar to
increase and display current block processed(currently block display may not be
the exact same block being processed but it is close to what it should be).

Version 3.3

- Limita entrada en Avanzado a solo valores aceptables
- El mismo *.exe ahora contiene ambos idiomas (se genera automaticamente)

Version 3.2

!!! This application will not run if PortIO is not installed, if the case,
PortIO installer will be launched for your convenience !!!

- Binary scaner detection at launch to perform CleanUp, you decide if you want
to delete files in working directory before running the app (Ideal when you
started to work with a diferent console)

- Option to patch Nandpro's LPT port in a simple way define by checkbox and input text
(only affects NandPro2.0d in LPT)

- Choose between NandPro2.0e and NandPro3.0a for USB Interface(NP3.0A enables the
hability to flash CPLD like coolrunner, matrix, etc)

- Comes with buttons to update Binaries to a list of choice from root folder.
(*.bin y *.ecc)

- Comes with a simple NAND comparing algorythim.

- Motherboard detection, size of binary, CB and Hack available for that case (based
on the active binary)

- Advanced section for Nandpro operations with specific blocks.

- Diagram view area (easily updateable/editable in the following directories)

- info\diagramas\spi (diagramas para lectura de nand)
- info\diagramas\glitch (diagramas de Matrix Glitcher v1.0 y TX CoolRunner)
- info\diagramas\jtag (Diagramas para activar el SMC-Hack)

- Bad Block Helper when bad blocks are in Xell's area (0-4F) (limited)
- You must input manually the IDs of the damaged blocks so that the app does the
job automaticly for you.
- counts on *.ECC detection if you check "Reset Glitch"
- Compatible with Big Block Jasper

- The app was divied between .exe and it's .dll to easen the update process.

I want to thank Swizzy for helping alot in the enhancement of this app!

As always, make sure you have a retail back of your nand at the fullest to avoid issues!
I take no responsability if something goes wrong, if you use this tool properly there
shouln't be any issues! If you find significant bugs, please let mi know in this thread.

Things that I may implement in the future:

- Automatic detection of the damaged blocks within a bin to add the block IDs to the
list so that the process is far much faster. (I don't promise anything)

- I have absolutely no plans in adding a xeBuild Image builder within my app, that would
make my app a competition where others have their tool in a more much robust stage,
I prefer to remain with the main focus of this app and use other apps for the rest of
the tasks (like xeBuild GUI v2.04).


It is quite simple, GUI sould explain it self.
For the "xell_JTAG" Folder please read the file within for more info.


- Team Xecuter - RGH 2.0
- NandPro - Tiros
- Reset Glitch Hack - GliGli
- nandchk v0.23 - ??
- Swizzy - code based on CB, mobo, hack type verification.
- This GUI and the rest of it's functions - Nknave(me)


IPB Image

IPB Image IPB Image

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