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Rastaman Rgh/jtag/dvd Mods! Also, Consoles For Sale!

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 07:35 PM

About 3 years ago I used to do JTAG installs on these forums. I currently do the majority of my mods on blackcats-games.net (private tracker), but I figured I would open up a shop on here too.

$30 + cost to ship. I'll JTAG your console for you. Turn around time is about 1 day. I will make sure it is done by that time regardless of my current situation.

RGH prices are - $50+$25(for chip) + return shipping. I ONLY use Xecuter Coolrunner chips. Yes there is a chip from Hong Kong that is cheaper. Yes it works like crap. Team Xecuter is reliable. If you are providing the chip, that obviously wont be part of the price.
NOTE: While RGH can be done on ALL consoles, consoles updated to 14717 or 14719 currently cannot be RGH'd due to a change in the CB. Team Xecuter claims this is temporary and they will release a fix soon. Slim xboxs that have been updated can still be RGH'd, though if it was made during/after August 2011, very likely it cannot (because of a motherboard change).

Looks like 14717/14719 can be done as of today for phat consoles. Will update later as I am just receiving wind of it.

Please note that I am charging a little more for RGH as it is infinitely harder than JTAG. I have gotten it down to a science, but that took literally weeks of troubleshooting. I can RGH ANY xbox. RGH is equivalent to the JTAG hack of old, but can be done to any xbox and requires a chip.

I'll also do dvd drives too, if you want. 20$ + cost to ship. Free dvd drive mod with RGH/JTAG work! PM me if this is what you want. If your drive is a LOCKED slim, PM me ahead of time. I would probably charge slightly more (i.e. $30-35) for those.

Please make sure your console is JTAG-able before asking for the JTAG hack. RGH hack can be done on all phat consoles that aren't on 14717/14719. RGH can be done to all slim consoles *NOT* made after/during August 2011

If you are unsatisfied with my work, please let me know. We will work out a possible solution that may include a full refund (even shipping).

Here are pictures of my work. As of 3/14/2012 I have hosted my RGH pictures in this thread. I still do JTAG, and you can find pictures in the link below. More pictures of the RGH mod are also in a link below.:

IPB Image

IPB Image

More RGH pictures can be found here:
http://s22.photobuck.....RGH Pictures/

JTAG pictures can be found here:
http://s22.photobuck.....37/JTAG work/

I take Paypal and cash. Cash in an envelope is best as I don't get charged by the paypal douchebags for that. Also considering moneybookers/alertpay if interested.

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 07:52 PM


This post is reserved for anything I find pertinent. This is if Xbox-scene has finally made it so you can edit posts at any time, instead of only up to 15 minutes after posting.
Edit: Of course they didn't add that functionality. Why would the forums have been updated since 1995?

For Sale:
- Slim RGH with Freestyledash installed - $300
- Another slim with FSD installed - $300

Of course I'll consider offers, if you'd like to barter.

All 14717/14719 phat consoles can be glitched now! Xbox 360 slim corona will be glitchable soon!

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