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Xbox Freezes With Backup In Tray And Unfreezes On Eject

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#1 apexzer0


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Posted 23 April 2012 - 08:54 AM

ok so ive had my modded xbox for some time now. like 8 years i think. i have the x3 chip and unleash x dash. a couple days ago a guy walked in to where a work (anonymous games retailer) and asked if we took original xboxs in trade. i said no but i would maybe give him 20 bucks for it depending on the dvd drive. i plugged it in, see a samsung, bought that shit. so i finally get to replace that dead thompson and run some backups instead of always having to ftp games to the hd. i put the drive in, use xiso and nero to make a backup of jetset radio future, pop it in, and shit freezes. if i put the disc in then boot with it in the drive it will take ages to go to the bios menu. once there i can boot to the dash like normal. if i launch the game it says "loading..." and the name of the game under it like usual but it will never actually load. if i boot to the dash without the disc in then put it in once in the dash it will say tray empty and wont show that it recognizes the disc. however if i open the file explorer i can browse the disc and see the default.xbe and media folder so its obviously able to read it. if i open dvd2xbox and try to rip it it will take its sweet ass time then finally show the jsrf logo like it sees the disc but it will freeze so i cant actually start to rip it. if i open the tray it will instantly unfreeze and i can navigate through the options again but put it back in and it all freezes again. i can play a burned dvd just fine. im using memorex dvd-rs btw. does anyone have any ideas y it wont read right? or y its freezing like this?

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Posted 24 April 2012 - 02:33 PM

sounds like a drive on its way out.. they will get picky you see reading a file index and reading the file are two very different things, some things you could try are, a good laser clean, try burning with different software, different drive, try using different brand disc's and a POT tweak... just make sure that a POT tweak is the last thing you try

note: my box hasn't had a working drive in years and it gets used every day by me or buddy's just toss in a 250gb hdd and fill it up with some old-school roms and xbox games and you wont even need one... hope this helps smile.gif

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Posted 25 April 2012 - 06:14 PM

Thanks, I'll give those a try and do some trouble shooting this weekend to rule some things out. There wouldn't happen to be such an app to check drive integrity on xbins would there?

Yeah I put a 500GB HD in mine, but I get tired of waiting on the slow FTP when I wanna transfer a bunch of games. I also fill it with movies so I'm slowly running out of room and would like to be able to play games off of backups. It looks like that might be wishful thinking though. I'll post what I find this weekend. Thanks again.

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