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Questions About What Modchip Product I Should Buy

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Posted 12 May 2012 - 02:47 AM

I'm far from a newbie but I posted this in a different pat of the forum and got not replies, so figured this would be a better spot for it and this is a noobish question. Not that there is anything wrong with being a noob, we all where at one point. biggrin.gif

I have multiple different Xbox 360s', I fix them. So I have basically every older model/board/type , so not worried about that part of it. I've pretty much have been out of the scene since my JTAG died, been a little while now.

So basically I am wondering what the best product I should buy to achieve what I would like to do.[u]

I would like to be able to play games and XBLG from my HDD (I dont need to be online, I have another xbox for that) and I would also like to be able to extract DVD key from motherboard.

Should I buy a RGH Chip or buy one of the drive emulators?
If I go with a RGH chip, which one should I buy?
If drive emulation is the way to go, should I get the Wasabi 360, the x360key or is there a better one I haven't heard about?

Should I get an INFECTUS 2 for getting DVD key from motherboard or will a RGH chip work to get the DVD key from the motherboard (I've read they can but also read they can't) I could also play games from HDD with RGH, So if I don't need the INFECTUS 2, I definitely don't have money to waste now a days. So one chip that does both is preferable.

I think I should go with RGH chip, that seems like my best option for me but sill I have no idea which chip to get and if I can get the drive key or not with it. I'm thinking when I put XELL on the nand I can get DVD key but I don't know if it will erase the nand loading XELL (of course I would save original nand dump, I can do this with the RGH chip, correct?

Also I've been looking and can't find anywhere schematics on building RGH chip or Drive emulator and then just using the software/firmware provided by what every chip/drive emulator I copied. I 'm good with Hardware not software.

Sorry for the noobish question but I have done some research and I'm still not sure what product to go with and was wondering if somebody could give me a recommendation on which way to go. Also if some new where do get schematics for either.


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