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Nand Dump - Info

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Posted 16 May 2012 - 09:02 PM

Hi everybody, I just need some advice as I am new to RGH. I dumped my nand and all seems fine and there are no bad blocks but it does show I/O timeout and then retries it and dumps successfully as per log below...

16 May 2012 20:14:02

J-Runner v0.2 Beta (274) Started

Checking Files
Finished Checking Files
Arm Version: 1
Retry 1
Flash Config: 0x01198010
Reading Nand to D:\XBox360\Xbox 360 Hacks\RGH Apps\J-Runner\output\nanddump1.bin
Retry 1
Reading Nand

Initializing Nand..
Reading Nand to D:\XBox360\Xbox 360 Hacks\RGH Apps\J-Runner\output\nanddump2.bin
Retry 1
Reading Nand
Nand Initialization Finished

Nands are the same
Cheking for bad blocks...
* unpacking flash image, ....
ECC'ed - will unecc.
* found decrypted CD
* found XeLL binary, must be linked to 0x1c000000
* we found the following parts:
SMC: 1.51
CB_A: 1921
CB_B: missing
CD (image): 1921
CD (decrypted): 8453
* using donor CB
* this image will be valid *only* for: xenon
* patching SMC...
Patching Xenon version 1.51 SMC at offset 0x1180
* zero-pairing...
* constructing new image...
* base size: 70000
* encrypting CB...
* encrypting CD...
* No separate recovery Xell available!
* Flash Layout:
0x0..0x1FF (0x200 bytes) Header
0x200..0xFFF (0xE00 bytes) Padding
0x1000..0x3FFF (0x3000 bytes) SMC
0x4000..0x7FFF (0x4000 bytes) Keyvault
0x8000..0x1171F (0x9720 bytes) CB_A 7375
0x11720..0x1771F (0x6000 bytes) CD 8453
0x17720..0xBFFFF (0xA88E0 bytes) Padding
0xC0000..0xFFFFF (0x40000 bytes) Xell (backup)
0x100000..0x13FFFF (0x40000 bytes) Xell (main)
* Encoding ECC...

------------- Written into output\image_00000000.ecc

My question is, is this normal and if not, how do you rectify that. There doesnt seem to be any errors. The console wont boot into Xell as this is an RROD console which is beyond repair and I just wanted to dump the nand more as test run before I continue to a working console.

P.S. I am using a JR programmer


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