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Autogg Rgh&jtag

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Posted 12 June 2012 - 01:56 PM

IPB Image

AutogGG is a program that helps you to:

- Read the Nand of the Xbox. Autodetect the model.
- Generate Nand to load Xell in console to obtain Cpukey.
- Once you have CpuKey.Generate Jtag / rgh (Glitch) / Retail, images
- Flash generated Nand through programmer (LPT/USB) or software (Xell or Dash)

But AutoGG also allows many more options (Addons)
- Change temperature sensors on the console.
- Change data in the console: Serial, Reader Type (Osig), Region and dvdkey.
- Map / unmap Bad Blocks.
- Inject / Extract specific data from the console. to repair corrupt nands
- Decrypt X-Val to check marks on console by Microsoft.
- UnCripple to try to clear the console marks,
- Make only a partial reading of only 1Mb of Nand then read the rest through Xell and finally merge to get the full Nand much faster (Recommended for slow nands readers LPT)
- Nand File Explorer
- Console Nand Marks (Secdata) Check and Fix
- AutoUpdate Function
- DashFiles Auto Download
- Avatars Update Files Download
- Flash Glitch Chip (CPLD) USB&LPT
- Nandpro Manual Commands Window.
- 3x Nands Compare.
- USB&FTP Xbox-Apps transfer (Freestyle, Homebrew, Emulators)
- Execution of main Exploit Pc-Apps
- Build Rgh1&2 NandXell
- Squirt Team Hard Full Support.
- And more ...

Note:First you must know that to manage Nand of console have RISK OF BRICK
This†program is only†a†GUI to make (read /†Build†/ write)†of the image of your†console†released by the XEBUILD†dev team†and†Tiros†(nandpro).†All credits†and merits†are for them.
I am totally against†the use†of any†method†that violates†copyright.†This program†is only†developed to give†the user†the possibility†to run†free software, and†,in any†case, the use of†illegal†software

1. The program needs a dump†(read)†from nand†console.†We can†get it†in 3 ways :
Reading†nand†using a†Nand reader(A)†.†If we have†Nand†Flasher†you only have to†choose the port†(LPT†/ USB) and click on†Read†Nand.†The†autoGG†will try to†detect the size of†the†Nand†(if not detected select manually)†then we†ask†how many†read†you want to make of your†nand†(2†recommended)†and†Size†you want to read†(by default†we†mark the†full nand†size) and†then†will proceed to†make them†,compared to†ensure they are†correct.†If no errors†make†a copy in†the desired path

If†your†console†already has†made the†exploit†you can get†the dump†through†Net.†Plug your†local†network†(wireless†or cable)†and start the†Xell.†You will get†IP on screen .Edit†IP†in†autogg†(3) and click†IP_Nand© to†read†it.Save†a copy.†Click†CPUKEY (4) to decrypt .If†everything is correct†you will be prompted†to save a copy†of your encrypted data(5).

If you have†an†LPT†Nand†reader,†readings†will be very†slow (up to 6†hours).†There is†a method†to shorten†this time†dramatically.†Search in†this tutorial†below (Tutorial†to read†Nand†by Net after†a first read†of only 1†Mb†USB†/ LPT)

Once Nand is loaded Autogg detect if RGH2 is necesary for this console. If RGH2 is needed you need to flash and install your chip for RGH2. Read your chip docs for RGH2.

[*]If you had already saved the dump select it manually(cool.gif.[*]If nand has badblocks do not worry. Autogg auto map them automatically

IPB Image

2. To generate Images autogg need cpukey of the console. If you have not it you will have to get it generating NandXell . To do this click Generate Xell(1), and once generated Flash Xell(2). This will allow you to load Xell and will display the Cpukey necessary for the rest of the process. Once the console boot Xell you can copy CPUKEY by hand from the screen or if you have connected console to the network, you can put IP console(3) (shown in Xell screen) in autogg and press CpuKey(4). Once you have introduced cpukey program automatically generate a file with the model name, serial number and cpukey to make a backup with all data.(5)

3. With the correct cpukey we can generate(7) / Flash(8) Glitch JTAG or Retail images. You can Select before Dash version and Options desired(6). In the case of Jtags you must select the Xell modelo and SMC you want to inject.
In Jasper models Big Blocks (256/512) theres is NandMu option to disable NAND memory unit. In Slim you have the option nofcrt to disable the file FCRT.bin..

4.Once you have booted†into the new†Dash†you could need to†update†(avatar.†..).

Select Dash version and click Avatars Update(9) to Download Dash . Select USB to install files and insert it into the console. Boot it and update.

If your†console is†banned†now you can†play online†through the†Xlink†without†Ping†Limit.


Sometimes†you Flash with†a†selected†nandpro†version†and it seems†to be all right.†But†the console has problems,†do not start or†fails .Then you try capacitors,†cable lengths but sometimes you only need to select another Nandpro version in autoGG. Go to Options and click Nandpro Version and select Nandpro.exe you want to use. In common/nandpro folder are main versions.

ATTENTION.†This method is†dangerous if†you fail your console may not boot. .

For†those who†already have done Exploit can†update it without†Hardware.

-Turn on the†console†on†Xell.†IP of the†console Will be show .
-Edit IP†console in AutoGG†.Click†on IP-Nand†and wait download.†Once finished save it.†.†Then click on†CPUKEY†to†decrypt†all data of your console.†Save file with your data.

For rest of the†generation†process†go point 3†of the tutorial.

Tutorial to read full Nand by Net reading only 1 Mega by USB/LPT:
If you have a slow nand reader, the reading process can take hours.
There is the possibility of read-only area we need to generate the NandXell and once loaded in console then to read the rest of the Nand by Network

The process is as follows:

1-Press Read nand. Choose Size 1Meg. Save file.
2-Choose image type (Glitch / JTAG) and click Generate NandXell.Once generated write it clicking Flash Xell. If all is ok start the console with network cable connected and chip installed. you will get the screen Xell
3-When Xell start IP will be assigned to the console and show us on screen. Write it in the IP field of autoGG and press IP-Nand to read and save file.
4-Press Inject 1M and choose the file saved in the first point. Save file.

Now you have the original nand .

In†Nand†are†the parameters to regulate†the temperature†of CPU,†GPU†and†Ram.†The first 3 parameters†are the†objective†temperatures†by regulating the speed†of the fans.†The latter†three†parameters†are the limit temperatures. If limit†is exceeded†the console shut down†for protection.
To change these†parameters†only have to†edit†and click Change†Temp button.
These†will be stored and†when†we generate†the image (Retail /†Jtag†/ Glitch) shall apply†the new parameters.
We must be careful†with these option because if†we set too much†temperatures can burn†the console .†If†we put†too low†fans†will always be†very†fast and noise.

This†process needs†CPUKEY†FROM y our†nand.†If†we†have not it you can†generate†a†nand†Xell from†donor†with the same†version†of†CB†and obtain†the†CPUKEY.
If your†Nand†is corrupted†or has†a problem†you can try to solve†it injecting your data to a donor Nand with the same†version†of†CB.
Load your†dump†and go to the†section of†Inject†/†Repair.
Press†extract.†The program will†extract all†valid†specific data†from nand†and save them to destination folder.
Successfully extracted will be marked†green†and corrupt.ones with red
Now load†donor†and click†Inyect.†The program will†ask for the†folder with†the extracted data†and will try to†inject them into the†donor nand†.†Autogg†then generate a†retail†and†save it to destination.
If theres no errors you have your†New Nand..

If†we†want to see if†YOUR console†is marked you only†have to turn†on your†console and go system configuration menu,console†information†see the number of†serial and†the X value†of the console.†Copy to autoGG in Section†X-val†and†Press†the button.Status of your†console†will be shown (Rev-25,†Banned†...)

You have the option to modify†the console data:†Num.Serie,†type†reader (Osig), Region†and†dvdkey.

Just†load your†nand†and†modify data.†Click on†Patch and†new Nand will be created and a copy will be saved.†Now†you can load†and†flash†it or directly†click on†Raw-Flash†USB to write†through†Xell.

Unmarked / UnBANN
If we have the console marked (ap-25 failed ...) you can try to unmark it in 2 ways.
1.-With nand reader click on unCripple. Does not always work
2.-Do all the process ;reading of Nand, obtaining CpuKey through Xell and generate / Flash a new image.

If the console is already banned your only option would be to inject an unbanned keyvault from a donor nand. But this is only for offline because donor keyvault only works with exploit and these can not connect to Live.

Video Tutorial to install Xbox Apps & Freestyle with Autogg thx to thibest(Spanish)

How to install Xbox Apps & Freestyle with Autogg
- Once you have RGH done create Fsd USB from menu Xbox Apps. Select Freestyle and click USB.

(First time XboxApps will be downloaded)

IPB Image


IPB Image

Boot console (USB inserted).

Once FSD booted edit Xbox Ip on AutoGG , select Apps and click Ftp , select destiny to transfer and wait.

IPB Image

reBoot console, if FSD was selected it will boot.
IPB Image

To see Apps on Fsd menu add Hdd:/360 folder on Contents.

Go to Settings-Contents Configuration- Files:

IPB Image

Add Hdd:/360 and Save. Xbox Apps will be on Homebrew menu.

IPB Image


IPB Image

Emulators have no ROMS inside. Copy roms to Autogg/XboxApps/Emus/'Emulator selected'/roms and transfer again from XboxApps .

You can install games... Try Pc-Apps in Autogg 0.4

IPB Image

Thanks to:

GLIGLI (Glitch)
Tiros (NandPro)
GG/FB team: Xebuild
boby2pc : Findsecdata

Marchisio&Vola: New CBs script.
TeamXecuter: Xenon glitch

Dennn : Idioma Ruso
Federause (Team O.N. 3.0): Italian translation
wiiallgarant : French translation
Kalel(darth Vader, cursos games):PortuguÍs brasileiro

Everyone involved..

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