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Loads Of Fun (not) With An 'inherited' Xbox!

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Posted 16 June 2012 - 06:30 AM

...Hello, all. My first post here, and it's more a summary of my first experience rather than a question, since I was able to muddle through what I wanted to do, with the help of the tutorials I found here and a couple other sites dealing with the original Xbox.
...I have just finished wrestling with an early (v 1.0, according to the open-box version check under Versions Guides) Xbox that has been modded with an Xecuter 2.x kit (can't be sure which version; the only marking I can find on the whole PC board was 'X2 Lite'--even the markings on the chips had been sanded off!), the EvolutionX dashboard, and a WD 120 GB hard drive. This Xbox has changed hands a few times; it came from my son who had gotten it from someone from work. He brought it here because my grandson (who is 6) loves Nintendo games, especially Mario, and the Xbox has an original NES emulator (called Nester) with apparently just about every ROM in existence. I wanted to add a Super Nintendo emulator, so I Googled SNES for Xbox and found what sounds like a good one, based on the SNES9x for Windows (which I already have on my laptop, but I don't use it a lot because it's hard on my Turion ML-37 processor). And here's where the fun started. Getting the emulator onto the Xbox proved to be much easier said than done. Basically, I found out there are two ways to do this: burn it onto an Xbox (xiso) disc or FTP it. Well...not having dealt with FTP before, I decided to try the xiso route first...went out and got Qwix, then un-RARed the emulator, transferred it into Qwix, and proceeded to burn a CD-R. Didn't work. Xbox wouldn't recognize the disc (showed up as an empty disc). Tried a DVD-R (only use DVD-R because I have encountered a lot of incompatibility issues with DVD+R); same results. Come to find out that the DVD-ROM drives used in these (this one has a Thomson TGM600) have a reputation for being squirrely about what they will and won't read (there were some discs that came with the Xbox and it reads them OK)...and they're a custom-built arrangement so you can't just put a new drive in. SO...I abandoned the disc route and began further investigating FTP. I went out and got the Filezilla FTP client program, hooked the Xbox into my wireless router and tried connecting to it. Looked at the Settings screen in the dashboard and tried a couple different IP addresses that showed up there, and couldn't connect. Then investigated whether I needed to find an FTP server. Eventually determined that the Xbox dashboard actually acts as the FTP server, so all I needed to do was make sure that the Xbox was set up for DHCP and automatic addressing to match my router. Which it was; showed up as address Went back into Filezilla, entered that address, user name xbox and password xbox and hit Quickconnect...waited several seconds...came back 'connection refused' grr.gif ...what's all this, then?...a little more research yielded the wonderful nugget of information that the EvolutionX dashboard doesn't do passive FTP, and you need to use another dashboard or Xbox Media Center for better FTP results. Well...if I can't use the FTP with this dashboard, and I can't get an xiso disc to work, how the heck was I going to be able to get a new dashboard onto this thing, let alone a measly emulator? Fortunately, the Xbox was equipped with XBMC so I brought it up and tried to FTP through that. THAT wouldn't connect. Went back to the XBMC and looked at its settings...it was set up for a static IP ( or something like that). Changed it to DHCP; IP changed to the that originally showed up on the EvoX dashboard and got refused. Went back to Filezilla, with the Xbox running the reconfigured XBMC, reentered the address, ID and password... ohmy.gif ...THE XBOX SHOWED UP!! FINALLY I was able to get the emulator and a selection of ROMs onto the F partition (after creating a new directory/folder for it, of course)...AND IT WORKED...
...this thing drove me nuts for a few days, but I prevailed in the end... tongue.gif
...now all I need to do is add a Super Nintendo entry into the Apps list... biggrin.gif ...and perhaps try putting the Avalaunch dashboard on if I'm feeling particularly ambitious laugh.gif ...

...hope you all have as much fun reading this as I have had writing it...

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