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Getting Hdd Password Without Writing Anything To The Drive

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Posted 22 July 2012 - 10:56 PM


I have an unmodified Xbox which I'll be soft-modding in due course. But before that, I want to create an image file of its hard disk, so I can recover it if/when I screw up somehow. smile.gif

So I need to find out the hard disk ATA password. Then I'll connect the drive up to my PC and image it after unlocking.

Is there any save-game exploit which just shows the HDD password on screen, or the HDD key and drive product/serial so I can use some PC-based tool to calculate the password? As I understand it, the Krayzie exploit/mod (and maybe most others?) can backup the EEPROM data to the Xbox's hard disk. But I'd prefer to be able to image the HDD before making any changes to it.

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 03:01 AM

the process i would advize would be..

find and download
krazysie's ndure 1.1.1 Splinter cell soft mod exploit (pal or ntsc)
put them on a memory device, usb stick if you make a usb to xbox adapter. Or memory card if you make a xbox controller to usb adapter or get action replay.

Buy splinter cell. the 1st one "any version of the 1st one"

Download Hexen "heimdalls xbox engineering disk" and burn that to dvd-r at 4x or slower speed.

Then transfer the saves to your xbox.
run splinter cell.
follow all on screen instructions. try to do a basic install if you can, if you cant do a minimal install.
This process alone will softmod your system and gibve you an eeprom back up. and with next to 0 chance of any mistakes.

When thats done ftp the eeprom.bin file it made to your pc for safe keeping.

now boot upi your xbox with hexen and tell hexen to do a 1 click softmod install of krazies ndure 1.1.1 SC
(i know seems a bit redundant, but trust me it is better if you do)

when thats done you will be fully softmodded and have the eeprom.bin back up on your pc (the hard drive password)

if your adamant that you really want to extract the password 1st. your best bet is to get an eeprom reader "buy or make 1"
Your only other option is to force the extraction through dos which only works with WD drives, and really isnt worth the hassle.

Truth be told..
provided your using ndure 1.1.1 SC exploit and splinter cell. its almost impossible to ruin your system.
"Im only using the word almost as i dont want you to find a way of ruining your system i dont know about and then blame me for not usingthe word almost, but honestly. A monkey that can read and comprehend english could do it"


the hexen disk you should have downloaded if you followed my advice, will have "stock files" on it. so you dont need an image of it. all you need is the eeprom, and the stock files. and you can make a new hard disk if you want.
You can even just over write your C drive with the stock files and be back to 100% un modded system..
So you really dont need an image. the system files are the same. and are already out there.
and like mentioned if you do ruin your drive "I have NO idea how you would with a game save exploit" you can get the eeprom data from the mother board with an eeprom reader.

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 04:45 PM

Unlike a PC, there is really no point in imaging the contents of a stock xbox hdd. Since the contents is well-known - msdash files and available from a disc like HeXEn.

Are you a hardware guy and comfortable with electronics? Because besides building an eeprom reader as suggested by shambles1980, you could also build an IDE bus sniffer.

Otherwise, just install a gamesave exploit like Krayzie's Ndure.

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