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Lost The Video For My Xbox1 Running Unleashx

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#1 mumrahte


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Posted 05 August 2012 - 03:33 AM

I have an xbox1 that I softmodded using the splinter cell exploit like 2 years ago. I have been using it happily for a bit then sorta forgot about the box. I just recently booted it back up and it was running like a champ. I then was looking into upgrading xmbc install that I had on the box. While doing this I changed a video setting under xmbc. When I later restarted my xbox it loads up fine and then when it brings up unleashx dashboard it suddenly loses video. I can still ftp into the box and I have the ability to still run things from it but it is no longer outputting either the correct video or the correct format any thoughts on how to fix this?

Help is appreciated I know these problems probably come up all the time.

#2 mumrahte


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Posted 07 August 2012 - 02:00 AM

Ok so I fixed my own issue pretty simply. I wish I had thought of this earlier. In xmbc I had set 480p thus over riding every other dashboards settings. I was finally able to find a config file that specified multiple dashboards. Using this I was able to boot into my default MS dashboard (allows 480p) and using that I was able to turn 480p off and then when rebooting unleashx works like a charm again.

<List Text="Dashboards" Sort="On" Auto="On">
<Item Action="C:\xboxdash.xbe">MS Dashboard</Item>
<Item Action="C:\evox.xbe">Evolution X</Item>

was what I found to help out. In case anyone else comes to a similar issue.
I had found some other suggetions but this was the easiest to get it fix once I found it.

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 03:18 PM

Not using a Shadow C I don't have enough experience to say for sure if that was the issue which caused your problem. But it does sound like it may have been to me because if you have Shadow C protection resetting the resolution requires it to be temporarily disabled.

Unusual way of resolving it but it worked and that's what matters.

What I do know is that there should have been no trouble with UnleashX working in 480p if you're using a NTSC set Xbox. It is what I use with it so why it wasn't working for you and why it started working (and at what resolution) after you deselected 480p from the MS dash I don't know.

BTW you should have been able to get to the MS dash direct from XBMC if you'd gone into the main Settings menu and specified your MS dash .xbe as the Custom Path. In XBMC's R3 (right stick click) shutdown menu bar you should have a 'Dashboard' option and with the custom path set that will take you to the MS dash.

#4 mumrahte


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Posted 11 August 2012 - 11:01 PM

Hmm that is possible. While I have inklings of what is going on I am not really sure what the whole shadow C thing even is. But considering I did this pretty ad-hoc I believe its a pretty basic setup. The whole thing that prompted this was I just grabbed this Auto Installer deluxe ISO and I wanted to go through and shore up my rather shoddy first time softmod.

I would really love to upgrade the drive but while its not a particularly difficult thing to do I don't care that much to mess with it.

Thanks for the reply. Yea I realized afterward that I actually have a direct menu item for my base xbox dashboard from the main unleashX screen I just couldn't see it and was kinda freaking out. Your suggestion should have worked also but I didn't know about that context menu at the time.

Mostly I use this thing for steel battalion (I lost my original CD and they are fucking expensive to buy) and a few emulators just to mess around with.

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