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Eeprom Question

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Posted 01 September 2012 - 11:06 PM

So here's the deal, I had my eeprom backed up on my PC HDD but it got wiped for some odd reason, I figured I could just use a new HDD because my old xbox hard drive broke. I was stupid and downloaded xboxhdm I did all the steps and then I locked the HDD booted xbox got error 16. I tried to unlock it and I don't know the HDD password, so my question is do I need to buy a new hdd with an eeprom reader? or do I just need a new HDD and a modchip?

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Posted 02 September 2012 - 12:56 AM

unlock it using XBOXSCENE as the password..
use the -p switch to eneter xboxscene as the password. or use atapwd (dos unlocking tools) to unlock the hard disk with the master password.
remember to also dissable the password after you unlock it if you use atapwd.


if you say you had error 16. then the hard disk is locked properly. its just you havent put the dash files on there correctly. so it cant boot to ms dash to reset the clock.

if it was not locked you would get error 5..
if it was locked with the wrong password you would get error 6..
So if your getting error 16. whatever eeprom file you used to lock the hard disk is infact the correct one for that xbox.
you just need to follow the tutorials more closely.

but to answer your question fully.. "IF you had infact made it impossible to unlock the hard disk (you have not)"
you could have gone new hard disk and eeprom reader, or new hard disk and mod chip.

In your currrent situation you can just unlock the hard disk using the xboxhdm disk and xboxscene as the password.. then build it properly with the correct dash files and relock it using the same eeprom you just used...

If you really are getting error 6 not 16. "because your using the worng eeprom, or no eeprom" then you can chose eeprom reader or mod chip. but again you dont need a new disk because there should not be anything wrong with the one you have. and you can simply unlock with xboxhdm ad then rebuild with the correct eeprom you got from the eeprom reader. Or unlock it with xboxhdm, install a mod chip and boot the xbox with heimdalls xbox engineering disk to build the hard disk..

so all is not lost. "infact its no where near lost and entierly recoverable with minimal effort"

Just to be a bit pedantic here..
this thread should have gone in to general hardware/tech chat, not xbox case/hardware mod

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