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Maximus announces SDTOOL thanks to defeat of the Corona 4G by 'dayton3

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Posted 07 September 2012 - 10:12 PM

Maximus announces defeat of the Corona 4G board
Posted by GaryOPA | September 7 17:12 EST | News Category: Xbox360
FULL RGH2 Running!

Great news this afternoon in the '360 Scene', the last Corona board has fallen victim to the RGH2 mod, now all boards have been defeated. This latest news is thanks to Maximus team and tons of open forum discussion on the 'dayton360mods' regarding all the technical problems in bringing RGH2 to Corona 4G.


After days of discussion on the dayton360mods forums, we have pasted all the relevant information and developed a set of software tools (sdtool) that will allow you to boot RGH2 on your Corona 4G board today !!

The tools will make the process very simple and you dont have to mess with Winhex nor nandpro nor ecc data conversion, the sdtools does it all. Please note we are not taking credit for the procedure, we only take the steps and make software tools to make it easy and clear (at least is what we think).

Edson Dario has made a Step by Step tutorial. Please note this tutorial is rated C, only for those modders who know what they do, if you dont feel confortable reading then you can wait till other people do a more noob friendly tutorial.

Many thanks to c0z for the guidance. And all other folks over dayton360mods.
Juggahax0r at Dayton360MoDs, Team Squirt, Zhangjiqi007, Zhaojun297,
Glitch360Team, Edson Dario, carranzafp, collions, Sileandro, nice69,c0z(joebloma)

On another topic but related, we are producing our own version of the SD-Nand programmer, we will call it the Maximus SDTOOL to match our software tool name. And hell will be cheap too !!. We will post pictures very very soon.

See the news source for more info, and the tutorial!

News-Source: Corona 4G board defeated by Maximus (via) 360Crunch

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Posted 08 September 2012 - 01:56 AM

That case is badass! Anyone know if they are sold anywhere?

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Posted 08 September 2012 - 03:00 AM

While I am glad that my website was able to bring some people together to work on something , I don't like this outcome nor the fact that my name is on this without anyone discussing anything with me about releasing .... This method is not needed as Xebuild is already posted on Xbins and handles all of the things mentioned in the guide that was posted, and the things the SDTOOLS app does as well. Except the reading and writing of the NAND of course ...

I had nothing to do with this information being posted , the information was shared in a private forum and should have never made it into an app for reading and writing the NAND. Not when Xebuild can handle all of this much better and in a more uniform way.

Thank You to the Xebuild Team for releasing an unfinished product , all reports so far are that it works fine on 4gb Coronas ...

xebuild -t glitch2 -o patchsmc -c corona4g -d DataFolder -f 15574 -b 1BL_Key -p CPU_Key OutputImage.bin

You can also set the patchsmc option in the option.ini file , and also this version will automatically set the nofcrt patch for this image type.

DataFolder should include your nand named nanddump.bin , all security files will be extracted as needed.

15574 in this example would be the folder containing the su file which Xebuild uses to extract the new data for your nand image.

If this had been a proper release I'm sure Swizzy and others would have updates to their GUI apps also , for now just use the command line to build your Corona 4gb images.

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