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Xbox Backup Creator V2.9.0.421 Crashing

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#1 Psyfer9983


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Posted 14 September 2012 - 05:49 PM

Hello. I have a problem. First, I did try to search for this here but the search option isn't working for me for some reason.

I just found a BenQ drive and have flashed with the 0800 firmware so I can make backups of my discs. The drive works great but Xbox Backup Creator crashes as soon as it starts to dump the disc to an ISO. I hit start and it will ask for a location to save the ISO. As soon as give the location to save the ISO, it will crash at 0.01%. This happens no mater what I do. I have the log from Xbox Backup Creator below. Any ideas why this is happening?

System specs:
Asus G35JW
Win 7 x64
Intel i7-740QM
nVidia GeForce GTX 460M - 1.5Gb VRAM [Dedicated]
15.6" FHD/LED BL screen [1080p HD]
120Gb SSD [boot/main drive]
1Tb HHD [secondary drive]

Xbox Drive Specs:
Phillips/BenQ VAD6038 [flashed with IXtreme 3.0 0800 firmware]

Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0421 By Redline99
OS is Windows 7 v6.1, Build 7601
Process running with Administrator privileges
The file system on drive C:\ is NTFS

Found ODD: PBDS VAD6038-64930C  at [E]
   Additional Info: BenqAP25v3.0
Found ODD: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT32N AS01 at [P]
   Additional Info: 10/02/09 7U01

Nero API is not available
ImgBurn executable not found

AP25 loading dae.bin file

Getting media info [E]
   Media Type: DVD-ROM
   Bytes Used: 49.0 MB (51,329,024 bytes)
Starting read process...
   Target Xbox version = Xbox360
The file system on drive D:\ is NTFS
Space Available on Drive D:\ 348 GB (373,924,614,144 bytes)
Creating SplitVid backup image [E]
   XGD3 Disc Detected
   PSN Variables
   0x00030000 VideoL0StartPsn
   0x000330FF VideoL0EndPsn
   0x00FCCF00 VideoL1StartPsn
   0x00FCFFE6 VideoL1EndPsn
   0x00034100 GameL0StartPsn
   0x00238E0F GameL0EndPsn
   0x00DC71F0 GameL1StartPsn
   0x00FCAEFF GameL1EndPsn
   LBA Variables
   0x00000000 VideoL0Start
   0x000030FF VideoL0End
   0x00003100 VideoL0Capacity
   0x000061E7 VideoCapacity
   0x0040EB20 VideoL1Start
   0x00411C06 VideoL1End
   0x000030E7 VideoL1Capacity
   0x00004100 GameL0Start
   0x00208E0F GameL0End
   0x00204D10 GameL0Capacity
   0x00003100 FillerL0Start
   0x000040FF FillerL0End
   0x00001000 FillerL0Capacity
   0x00208E10 GameL1Start
   0x0040CB1F GameL1End
   0x00203D10 GameL1Capacity
   0x00408A20 GameCapacity
   0x0040CB20 FillerL1Start
   0x0040EB1F FillerL1End
   0x00002000 FillerL1Capacity
   0x0040CB20 IsoCapacityXt
   0x0040CB20 IsoCapacityWx
   0x00411C07 IsoCapacitySv

#2 Psyfer9983


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Posted 14 September 2012 - 06:32 PM

Ok, just for kicks I install VMWare then installed Win XP inside it. Xbox backup Creator looks like it is working. What gives? Is there a problem running Xbox Backup Creator in Win 7 x64?

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#3 Psyfer9983


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Posted 18 September 2012 - 05:46 PM

Well, I still cannot get it to work in Win 7 x64. I does work in XP using VMware just fine. I think I may just build me a new XP machine for the sole purpose of ripping and burning. I have thought of modding a 360 case with a mini ITX motherboard in it so that it would all be in the same case except for the DVD burner. (will post pics if I do, thou it would be down the road when I get some time)

By the way, what is a good burner to use for burning XGD3 games. I heard I have to get a burn max drive or something but not sure. Thanks.

#4 Psyfer9983


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Posted 22 September 2012 - 11:39 AM

Does anybody know if Xbox Backup Creator have any problems with Windows 7 x86 (32 bit)? I hope not cause I just ordered an micro-ITX motherboard for that mod I was thinking of doing. If the board fits, I will try to post some pics in a new thread. If anybody is interested, this is what I got.

ASRock AD2700-ITX Intel Atom D2700 (2.13GHz, dual core) Intel NM10 Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo

G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500) Dual Channel Kit Laptop Memory

This is all from Newegg.com and it came up to $115.75, not bad since I have every thing else. I'm going to try and use a shuttle power supply (got a couple of them out of some XPCs that had bad motherboards) and if that doesn't work out, I will just use the power supply from my NES pc mod that I did since I don't use it that much. I'm going to try and use a 360 case with the original 360 DVD drive (flashed with 0800 firmware) and make it an all-in-one xbox tool box for ripping, modding drives, etc...

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