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Flash The Xbox Tsop With Engima {go Wrong!}

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#1 x-Advance


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Posted 12 October 2002 - 03:57 AM

well heres the deal when i flash the xbox TSOP i forgot to turn of the chip from the engima i use xflasher because of my chip is a hynix i moded many xbox and this one i fuck up i just want to know how can i restore my bad flash so i can reflash it to the TSOP can anyone tell wat mod chip i needed to do this>?and can anyone giveme the link that sell those type of chip so i can repair my BOX ASP :-\ help please i know u guys did alot of reading and helping others can u guys help me out tel wat is the best way to repair this problems

thank you GUYS KEEP the XBOX hacking ALIVE

#2 bagel5009


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Posted 12 October 2002 - 04:02 AM

you need to get a new mod chip, id prefer a matrix, and youd flash it with the flasher, but this flashes the bios on the mod chip, not the xbox, but you retarded monkey!! You shouldve listen to opjose, hes da man, plus he'll tell you how much flashing your enigmah is thee dumbest thing you could ever do in your whole entire life!

#3 opjose


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Posted 12 October 2002 - 04:37 AM

Tell this to the people in that other thread... sigh.

Anyway like he says, you can install an LPC mod which will make your XBox work again, but it will ONLY work with the LPC mod installed.

You could also install another 11/29 wire mod chip which will make the XBox work.

The enigmah is not a bios replacement, it is a bios PATCHER. Meaning that it still needs the original bios to be present. If a replacement bios is too different or if the flash fails your Xbox is useless with the Enigmah.

The other 11/29 wire mods are bios REPLACEMENTS, which is why they can make your Xbox work again.

Once it's up with one of these, you can install a switch to disable the mod and then safely reflash the BIOS.

If something goes wrong again, flip the switch, reboot and you are back up for another pass at the flashing of the on board TSOP.

In effect you have a safety net.

Again your choices = an LPC mod or an 11/29 wire mod.

There is a way to physically reprogram the on board TSOP, but it's difficult for mere mortals.

#4 Dark Schneider

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Posted 12 October 2002 - 05:11 AM

Seems a few people missed my many many posts ranting about flashing the original BIOS.


#5 Billybob23


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Posted 12 October 2002 - 02:04 PM

hey ye same with me can 1 of you help for a tick i installed an x-ectuer booted it worked put the box back and the chip cam loose, when installing again i must have put too much heat on the chip cause it died, and friend spilt solder on the m.board, took it to a fella who got the box to boot again, then took it too a shop called Blade in brissy (australia) and he said he would mod it, but flashed the tsop instead with and xtender. it booted at his shop then i got it home booted a few times, now no boot it just keeps rebooting and on the third reboot flashed red/yellow. Now he says he has tried a PC/BIOX chip and no go , but i don't know if he really has, on another point he says stiff shit it booted at my shop not my problem it's rooted now. but anyway would there be any reason for the pc biox not to work?
Now, also when it reboots there is no picture on screen never gets to a logo or anything just stays on AV channel blue. when i had it at home, it would reboot then i moved the AV chord and it worked, really wierd. Oh and the installer says it is because it had the x-ecuter in it first.

really hope someone can help thanks a lot
(money spent so far in Aussie dollars Xbox $400, Halo $100 Xecuter $100, repair $100, flash of bios $100 total $800 ($400 US) so any helpwould be great as im really in the dumps about this at the moment thanks

#6 bagel5009


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Posted 12 October 2002 - 05:54 PM

opjose, you should start a thread about this and make sure the admin stickys it, like in general chat and modchip installation problems/questions

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