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What's E3 Like?

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#1 ViceMikey


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Posted 24 July 2003 - 02:33 AM

Ok i want you guys to tell me what E3 is like when you're really there in person, i know some of you guys went...My whole life i wanted to go to a show...remember CES back in the o.g. N.E.S. days??? Ever since i was 9 I've wanted to go...What's it like? how much free loot do you get when you go? How many total nerds are there? Do you get to meet game developers? Anyways thanks for your time fellas...I'm 21 years old and still want to go..is that wrong?

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Posted 24 July 2003 - 06:37 AM

just something related to this:
ive always wanted to go to e3 as well. how does one go about doing this? do you need to be invited? do you need to be important? do you just buy a ticket? blink.gif

#3 MagicArc


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Posted 24 July 2003 - 06:41 AM

Don't waste your time wanting to go to E3 anymore. Its not worth it. Heres the myths about E3;

All False:

You actually meet Game Developers. Wrong, you get to meet people who work for the company and they're public relations people. Very rarely do you actually see anyone on the Dev Team. The closest thing to a real game developer there was Shiguru Miyamoto walked on the floor while doing a professional interview...they protect him from the real public.

Free Loot! WRONG. This used to be the case, about 2-3 years ago companies would actually give out free stuff. Now with so many "NON-INDUSTRY" people getting into the show, companies don't feel the need to give out stuff. Whats the point spending $50k on free stuff if you're giving it to a bunch of kids who happen to know guys that work at EB. Its ruined it for the real people who the show's for. I go because I'm a manager of a Major Video Game Retailer. The guy who works at 7-11 who sells ps2 games off a rack shouldnt be going.

Its like a big game party and you get treated like you're a bigshot. WRONG, Double WRONG. Heres what happens. You go in, you look at a game, unless your badge says media or all access you're treated like some kid looking to play games. The companies throw their real parties behind closed doors and its VIP only. And no...you dont get to sneak into them.

I've gone to E3 the last 4 years and I can tell you its nothing special. You get to play games that are EARLY EARLY alphas, buggy as hell, and by the time they're released they've changed so much you don't even recognize them. How many years will I get to see World of Warcraft there? There have been companies that showed the same games the last 2 years. Its quite rediculous. Food is supremely over priced inside the convention center. A cheeseburger combo is $9 and a coke is $3. Not to mention alcohol is $5. The free loot is gone. It used to be that you'd go to the show with two dufflebags and come home with both them stuff, this last year, i didnt get a single item. Wheee! Magazines, but I get them from my work for free anyway.

The best part of E3 is watching all the OLD, and I mean OLD, businessman try and sound like kids when asking about videogames. If I never see another bubblegum chewing hipster G4 interviewer I'll be so lucky.

The best part of the day was going to the anti-piracy booth and stirring up trouble with tight asses there. Sorry to burst your bubble man, but its just not worth it. Clue into gamespots or IGN's e3 coverage, download the videos, and you'll get the same experience I had. Except at the end of the day you'll be able to hear, and your feet wont hurt from walking away from crappy games.


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