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No Ip Using Router And Hub... Ahh!

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#1 guitrldy


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Posted 01 August 2003 - 07:07 PM

I tried to read every tutorial and forum post regarding getting an IP address assigned to my modded XBox, but I haven't gotten it to work yet (just hooked up my newly modded XBox today... thanks RustyDog!)

I just wanted to make sure that my hardware/internet connections are not my problem.
I saw tutorials/posts on how to get an IP using a Router.
I saw tutorials/posts on how to get an IP using a Hub.

But I have both... Linksys BEFSR41 Router AND a hub. Here's my config:

cable modem
Linksys ---- > PC
HUB ----> Laptop

My XBox settings are:
.......Type = blank
.......IP = blank
.......Line Status = No Link!
Ethernet MAC = (it is assigned a MAC)
Setup Network = YES
Use Static IP = NO
IP =
Subnet =
Default Gateway =
DNS (both) =
Setup Delay = 10
Skip Setup if No Link = Yes

FTP/Telnet are ENABLED

DHCP = Enabled
Starting IP =
DHCP Users Allowed = 50
Device IP =
Obtain IP Automatically = yes
Latest Firmware installed

Is having a Hub AND Router making this not work for me? I would think if I can get the laptop that's hooked to the hub to be assigned an IP, I could get the XBox to do the same.
I have done cable checking and all is well and correct.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! uhh.gif
Lisa W.

#2 cVoid


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Posted 01 August 2003 - 08:57 PM

OK , since ur xbox is setup to receive an IP, the router must be setup to assign IPs.
In the router there is ranges that they can assign, whatever you want. Make the range bigger to make sure that is assigning, maybe that you cant support any new IP licenses

MMM....why does your router obtain an IP automatically?

a hub cant screw it up, its just a dumb repeater. if u have 2 routers hooked up, it could screw up

if u have a firewall on the router, make sure it is setup correctly

hmm after re-reading that ur ranges should work, that dont make sence. And if u cant get any IP address from the router, how does the xbox have an IP set? (mebe from debuggin? ) Make sure you are not using a crossover on any of the cables; make sure the connection is good, sometimes my xbox wont get an IP

#3 DuncanBeevers


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Posted 02 August 2003 - 03:41 PM

The simplest solution would probably to just assign a static IP to your xbox. Make sure the static IP you assign is on the same subnet as that of your PC and laptop. You could then try to ping this IP from both your PC and from your laptop. If the ping is successful, you have eliminated all possible physical issues. If it is unsuccessful, examine the cabling between the hub and xbox. You should be using a straight-through cable, like the one shown here. If the cable-type is correct, try plugging it into different ports on the hub.

If a static IP is not satisfactory, you could try and examine your router's setup. I haven't used the LinkSys, but it might be possible to monitor what DHCP leases the router has handed out. By matching the xbox's MAC with an assigned IP you could tell whether the xbox has obtained an address or not. Evox will also show you what IP it has received and how it was obtained.

Ping early, and ping often.
Good luck in pinpointing the issue.

#4 mrRobinson


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Posted 02 August 2003 - 04:56 PM

your settings are just fine. don't change them. are you using the correct cable to get the hub. it should be a straight through ethernet not a crossover. Are you booting evox (or what dash?) off cd or harddrive? make sure you have evox booted and look on the hub, does it get a link from the xbox?

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