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How do I Network My XBOX and PC

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#31 donovanv0


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Posted 07 April 2004 - 02:00 AM

I have a problem i have avalaunch 2 xboxes a computer and an cable modem everything is hooked up but i cant do anything with it i was searching this web sight all night and i cant do anything so i sending this to get some help im trying to transfer files between the 2 xboxes and i cant seam to do it i have the latetist version can you help me please. and if i need a file can you tell me where can i find it because i dont have anyfiles for the xbox on my cpu thank you.

#32 basefont


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Posted 16 April 2004 - 06:17 AM

QUOTE (star^ @ Jan 10 2004, 11:48 PM)
I have a little problem.
I have 2 network cards in my pc. One of them are for the internet thats i get from a hub that is connected to a wireless internet concection.
The other card is connected with my xbox. I do not want to connect my xbox to the internet so that is clear.

The problem is that when i turn on the xbox and go on the xbox via ftp i loose my internet conection.
It just goes down.
To get my internet working again i have to unplug the crossover that is connected to the xbox.

My internet ip is and the ip for the other network card is
Xbox ip is

what to do?

im also trying to connect to my lan(no internet) via wireless bridge to accesspoint and nat router for access from my PC

internal ip is

and xbox via access point

Xbox have dchp active where should i put this IP
I have avalaunch os

on static ip ?
on gateway? now i have at this place

FTP settings??


#33 sniper911punk


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Posted 19 April 2004 - 09:56 AM

i just got my xbox modded i put in a mod chip a new harddrive and evox on it and i want to network it. i am going trough a hub with a broadband internet connection and i am useing flashfxp for my file sharing program every time i try to connect to my xbox it say that it is timed out and tries to reconnect and it just goes on forever what am i doing wrong??

#34 trumonoxidechild


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Posted 27 April 2004 - 08:34 PM

allright, i just got my modded xbox yesterday, yet when i attempt to ftp (using crossover cable, all ips appear correct, etc. etc.) it just will NOT connect, im just trying to connect xbox-pc no internet involved

#35 bmxer2076


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Posted 06 May 2004 - 10:30 PM

hello, im a n00b, with 2 xboxs, i want to hook one up to my network so i can ftp, but i dont have any mod chip installed, do i need one? i have a lynksys wrt54g router, will this work, i also want to play xbox connect, could anyone help me? bmxer2076@yahoo.com

#36 G-FORCE420


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Posted 12 May 2004 - 08:46 PM

I have a 56K Dial-up Modem and an Ethernet Card (10MBps I think?)

Anyways, can I network my XBOX using this one ethernet card???

#37 HOB V2.0

HOB V2.0

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Posted 13 May 2004 - 05:16 AM

for everyone trying to FTP their xbox to their computer in an effort to try to transfer files..... I used flashfxp, connected to my xbox's IP address. I'm using a linksys router and running DHCP.

I attempted to connect to the xbox while the xbox was waiting for a CD. It timed out, and it continually tried. Then i put in the EvoX cd and immediately it connected. Not sure if it helps anyone, but now i have access to my xbox from my computer.

#38 ryfly1805


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Posted 14 May 2004 - 11:32 PM

when i try to ftp my xbox to my pc, i get connected but then get the reply
"This site may not allow file resuming"
that never happened before.. does anyone have any clues??

#39 tailspower2001


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Posted 23 May 2004 - 02:04 PM

To FTP betewn your X-BOX and PC and geting X-BOX Live to work using USB modens an corssover cable must be conteted to both the Computer (OS dosn't matter) and the X-BOX. You need to set-up an FTP Cince on your PC (I use Samrt FTP) to use the FTP option in EvoX and more. To set-up X-BOX Live with your PC you must set-up ICX so you can get on-line.

#40 heraldoffailure


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Posted 28 May 2004 - 03:05 AM

QUOTE (TalinTheLost @ Jan 6 2004, 03:53 AM)
Just a word on wireless.... dont use it if you're going to be transferring large files.

Typical Cat5 cable is around the 80-90mbps (even tho it says 100 - 100 is only the "theoretical max").

Wireless on the other hand... there's different speeds again.

You have 10mbps, 22, 54, and i think there's also a 76 now too?

anyway.. my friend has a 22. the max he can get is 11mbps. i have a 54 - the max i can get is 19-20. and no, this is not just bad settings. what they say is that "54mbps" is only theoretical - its actually not obtainable - they even admitted that to me in the end. was not impressed

anyway...back to the point. even at 20mbps... are you sure you'd want to wait 15 minutes to transfer something rather than 3? no..i'd say not smile.gif

Wireless giving you actual transfer rates of 54MB or above is BS. You'd be lucky to break the 10MB/sec mark with your card right on top of the access point. If you plan on doing anything besides connecting to the internet, don't do wireless. (this even goes for cards that boast 108MB/sec)

#41 dchow


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Posted 03 June 2004 - 02:49 AM

Hey, i just got my xboxs a modchip Xecutor 2.3b installed
im able to connect my pc to my xbox with a router and program flashfxp!
my problem is when i transfer the files it takes forever 10hrs + so i never finish transfering the files!
I really need help speeding up the transfer does anyone have any ideas?

my computer amd 1200, 256 sdram, network card 10/100, cable


#42 J07W18E79


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Posted 04 June 2004 - 05:53 AM

I use dial-up and was wondering how to check to see if I got a network card on my PC. Ive got a place on the back of my computer that is alittle bigger than a phone line. If that means I have one, how would I configure it? I have a HP with Windows 98

#43 TommyMartyn1


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Posted 15 June 2004 - 05:18 PM

Please help an idiot out (me), I'm desperate, my girlfriend isn't speaking to me cause I spend all my time meddling with this damn PC

Before I start asking for help you have my word I have read the tuts. I’ve read the tut by fin1581 but it’s not helping me figure this mess. I’ve installed a network card and am attempting to configure it. I am way out of my depth. When I click on the Network option (windows 98) I receive the following message:

“Your Network is not complete. Do you want to continue.”

If I select yes I am presented with the following list

Configuration tab
MS family logon
Dial-Up Adaptor
FD500, PCI Card/Desktop Network PCI Card (my network card)
MS Virtual Private Network Adaptor
NDISWAN – MS Virtual Private Network Adaptor
TCP/IP – Dial Up Adaptor

Identification tab
Computer name: PBN_Computer
Workgroup: PBN_Workgroup
Computer Description: PBN_User

I just don’t know what to do next do I select my network card and click on add? If yes I am then presented with the following options:


I don’t know which one to select. Please help, I was well gutted when I came up against this. I just don’t know how to configure this stupid card. Fin1581’s tutorial looked easy but I just don’ know what I’m doing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. You have my word that I will share any knowledge I learn and assist others in future. It’s what forums are about right? Incidentally I started to just mess around figured the solution might just appear and I managed to loose my internet connection which left my really distraught. I managed to get the connection back my installing the network card. That was sheer luck more than anything. I felt like chucking the card out of the window.


#44 iskiiiiii


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Posted 19 June 2004 - 03:01 PM

Am I able to link my xbox directly to my PC. Or am I required to go through a router?

#45 undinism


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Posted 20 June 2004 - 09:14 PM

you can link an xbox directly to the pc by using a crossover cable to connect the xbox to whatever network card in your computer

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