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How Xbox Saves Work...?

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#1 Joshua Wood

Joshua Wood

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Posted 18 August 2003 - 06:12 AM

Just a few questions to help me understand how xbox game saves work.

e:udata is where the data is saved, I gather. Each folder is related to a particular program (not just games). It's easy enough to identify which folder is which program/game.

Take a particular game, for eg, Mortal Kombat DA. Under e:udata4d57000c which is the MK save folder, there is a subfolder, which looks like it is related to a player profile/save game. Now I backed up my one using Xbox saves manager, and replaced with a downloaded save. Obviosuly, this overwrote my game.

Out of interest, noting that each save had a unique identifier (and the downloaded one was the same as my save, so I knew it was going to be overwritten), I loaded the game, (the save worked), and made a second profile, hoping to change my save's identifier to the new profile, and transfer it back, so I would have my old save and the one I downloaded.

However, a second subfolder was not created in e:udata4d57000c.

So how do the saves work? Also, what is e:tdata for? Just profile settings? It's linked to each save game somehow...

I'm just trying to understand how the saving/folder process works. Once I understand this I can easily play around with saves. I know xbox saves manager makes things easy, but I'd like to know HOW things work. Ideally, I'd like to figure out how to put a save on my xbox, while also keeping, and being able to use, my original saves, at the same time. Hopefully this is possible.

#2 chinmi


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Posted 18 August 2003 - 06:28 AM

in midtown madness, my save game folder is for instance 123456789
i downloaded a save game with a folder name 987654321 which is diferent like the my own save game, so i coped this 987654321 in my modtown maddness folder, and when i run midtown maddness, i see 2 profiles my old one and my downloaded save game.
so in my opinion...
if you using a profile like "ABC" the xbox creates a unique folder lika 123456789 and if u use a new profile like "XYZ" xbox creates 987654321
so different names/profiles will generated different unique folder.... and the one that decide this unique ID is the game it self.... and different game have different unique folder generation....

#3 Joshua Wood

Joshua Wood

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Posted 19 August 2003 - 03:51 AM

Yeah, that's what I thought....

Amped is the same...has a seperate sub folder for each save.

But Mortal Kombat does it differently it seems..there is only 1 subfolder, even though I have 2 profiles.

Anyone know how MK:DA works? And how is all of this linked to e:tdata also?

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