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#46 yaoochi


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Posted 08 October 2003 - 06:41 PM

muhaha.gif I am getting mad. I bought an executer pro 2.2 2 week ago and I haven't received package.
last week I got tacking number is LE033273554CA, it is wrong numer.
I sent email over 8 times but they did not reply I don't know why.
but I am sure these guys do not have responsibility.
I will request refund!!. Don't buy anything from these guys

#47 yaoochi


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Posted 08 October 2003 - 06:45 PM

I am getting mad. I bought mod-chip 2weeks ago and I haven't recevied package.

#48 Donor


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Posted 08 October 2003 - 10:04 PM

I ordered a chip from them two weeks ago. I also got a tracking number LE033273537CA, but when I call CanadaPost to track it, they tell me that the tracking # they gave me is an active company number, but it has not shipped yet. I've sent them emails with no response and I don't believe my order has shipped yet at all. I also think I've bean screwed and I will contact my credit card company tomorrow and tell them that I think Mod-chips is performing fraud and I want my money back. I don't know what will happen but hey what else can you do.

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#49 myridom


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Posted 12 October 2003 - 05:08 AM

Here is my Saga with xbox-modchips.com grr.gif

8-02-2003 Ordered Xecute2.2 PRO + Solderless Pogo
8-11-2003 Sent Email asking for tracking number and status
8-11-2003 Recieved Email stating chip would be send on 8-12-2003
8-18-2003 Sent Email asking for tracking number and status
8-20-2003 Recieved email with tracking number
9-04-2003 Sent email asking for status, as tracking number just says "shipped"
9-04-2003 Recieved email with explanation about customs taking 3 weeks to clear.
9-05-2003 Requested refund from their credit card processor, Pay Systems
9-05-2003 Recieved response from Pay Systems that the vendor had sent and explanation and dispute was closed. They sent them explanation about customs but did not reply to me.
9-11-2003 Complained again
9-11-2003 Recieved follow up to see if chip was working ok
9-12-2003 Replied "Chip never recieved"
9-13-2003 Recived reply asking for order info, that has been in every email i sent them.
9-30-2003 Recieved email saying chip would ship "tomorrow" and would get new tracking number.. Never recieved new tracking number.
10-6-2003 Complained again.. no response
10-10-2003 Started refund request with Pay Systems Again.

So as you can see.. They dont give a shit cause they have my money!!!

And as you can see from their site, Paypal is no longer avalible. Probably because they got their account suspended for this crap..

Dont bother with them, they are just ripping people off.. I ordered a chip from www.the-console-corner.com and had it in 3 days.. Now that's service!

#50 Shaner99


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Posted 14 October 2003 - 10:29 PM

Yeah... I read some of the above posts and decided to give this site a shot. I'll do a timeline thing like 'myridom' did above.

10/10 - Ordered Xecute2.2 PRO + Solderless Pogo (as well)
10/11 - Recieved email from PaySystems with my receipt (Order #).
10/11 - Recieved email from Xbox Linux Chips saying thanks for purchase, will be processed shortly.
10/14 - Sent several emails regarding whats going on.
10/16 - Requested refund from mypaysystems.com

Now this is there I'm at now.... I've sent an email to the shipping and info departments saying I have not recieved my Tracking # and will complain if I don't recieve a tracking # within a couple days. So its the 14th now and I know I did it on late Friday/Saturday and it was Sunday the next day and Monday was Columbus Day (didn't know Canadians celebrated that) but its been 4 days and I haven't recieved my tracking number yet.


I have requested a refund after no contact with the company for 6 days. I will not order from them again.

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Posted 15 October 2003 - 02:25 AM

I'm contacting them now to see wassup. I'll post when I hear something.

#52 Wazup


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Posted 16 October 2003 - 01:04 PM

Well I wish I had found this form before I placed my order. It looks like I am with the majority and have had problems with the company.

10-02 Placed order.
10-03 Receive "Thank You" notice saying my order would be processed shortly.
10-04 Received Payment notice from Mypaysystems.

10-10 Sent email asking for Order confirmation and tracking number (NO RESPONCE)
10-13 Sent email AGAIN asking for order confirmation and tracking number (NO RESPONCE)
10-14 Sent Email to every email address listed on their website expressing my
concerns! (NO RESPONSE)
10-15 contacted Mypaysystems with my concerns of fraud and requested any contact information they have for the company. Waiting to hear back from them.

I realize that two weeks is not an excessive amount of time to wait for a shipment. A company that is slow to ship is not a major concern. What I am concerned with is the lack of response you get from them. There is not even a phone number listed on their website or in the mypaysystems billing. After reading all these posts and having the same problems I would never recommend or order from this company again. grr.gif

#53 oasisfan


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Posted 16 October 2003 - 09:36 PM

I placed an order with these guys on Oct 3 and I still havenít received a tracking # or an email regarding my order. I have emailed them many times but no reply. I tried using mypaysystems but that site doesnít work when I ask for a refund!! Stay away from these scammers !!!!!!

#54 Shayughul


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Posted 17 October 2003 - 11:34 AM

Just adding to the long list here. I am doing some investigative work....trying to find a physical address and phone number for these yahoos.....

I am at the 2 week mark also and all my PM's and emails have gone unanswered.....

One interesting thing thou.....I think they are getting them and reading them...just not responding....

Here is my reason for thinking this. I was charged by The Payment system and it showed on my statement.....then about 3 days later....the charge disappeared.....it wasn't just credited back to my account like normal .....it literally disappeared....like it had never even been charged to my account.....

So at that point I wasn't out any money...and after about a week of non-response to emails....I sent my own version of a threat....I told them I was going to take my business elsewhere if I didn't hear back from them by the end of the day......

And guess what....I didn't hear a damn thing.....big surprise I know....but that charge showed back up on my account as of the date I sent the email.....

The above probably makes no sense to anybody except the writer....but yeah....

Don't buy from these people....you are throwing away your money....if the deal seems too good to be true....then it probably is.

-Shay out.



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Posted 17 October 2003 - 07:30 PM

I've got no new news.. no responses.

#56 Solja


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Posted 20 October 2003 - 03:12 PM

Here's my timeline for these bozos! grr.gif

9/24/03 - Placed original order for Xecuter 2.2 Lite
9/24/03 - Received the generic auto-response (ie, order tracking) email
9/24/03 - Received notification that CC had been charged
9/26/03 - Hadn't been notified that order had shipped yet. I emailed them asking when
9/28/03 - Received a reply from them stating they were moving and would ship early the following week
10/1/03 - Still no notification. I emailed them and asked for a phone number so I could speak with a human. They replied right away and stated that an email would be sent when item shipped. I still haven't received that email. Continued checking the order tracking number they gave me which showed no change in status.
10/3/03 - I finally decided that I had been burned. I really wish I would have read this forum before deciding who to buy from. I contacted my CC company and they will dispute the charge for me. I ordered another Xecuter from system-mods.com. I told my friend that if I ever received the original order from these clowns that he could buy the chip from me.
10/6/03 - I received my Xecuter today from system-mods.com. w00p! Those guys are the BOMB! Oh and of course, still no word from the circus troupe in Canada.
10/10/03 - Finally got updated info on the tracking page. Used the Canada Post tracking number and discovered...WOW...the package entered destination country on Oct. 4th. WOW....what the hell does that mean? It could be anywhere.
10/15/03 - My friend is tired of waiting for the "Greatest Show on Earth", and decides to order an Xecuter chip from system-mods.com.
10/17/03 - My friend receives his Xecuter from system-mods.com and is very pleased with his experience with them.
10/20/03 - Today and still NOTHING from these guys!

My bottomline assessment to anyone looking to buy from these people...


#57 Loki-Sama


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Posted 21 October 2003 - 05:32 AM

I ordered from these guys around a month ago and still I have not received the items. I sent them an email around the 28th of September and they replied the next day saying this:
"Hi, I apologize for the delay in shipment. We have been moving our offices and shipping was delayed. Your order will be shipped out early in the week and you will be notified of the tracking number."(September 29th)

So I waited a week later still no item. I then emailed them again, saying that if I don't receive the item within a week from now I will report it to my credit card firm and IFCC(Internet Fraud Complaint Center) Still no reply.

Now I have waited for 22 days and still no item. So I emailed then saying this:
"Hi, This is the third time I email you guys about my order. It's been almost a month that I have placed an order at your site and paid via my credit card. Still I have not received my items that I have ordered. You guy emailed me on September 29th that you will be shipping it out early that week. Now it is October 21. Thats 22 days I have waited for my items. I know it doesnt take that long to ship from Canada to the United States. Please tell me whats going on so I would know what to do. If you guys do not have the items in stock then please refund the full amount I have paid so that I can go buy it elsewhere."

Two hours later they finally replied and said this:

"Your order will be shipped with USPS this week. We apologize for the delay there was some issue's at the manufacturing facility that have been worked out. There was a temporary delay in our weekly shipments. All sites are out of stock of these chips, we will be getting them in this week and shipping out all orders at that time.

Your tracking number will be emailed to you at the time of shipment."

I will wait until Monday and by then, if I don't receive the items, I'll just do a chargeback on my credit card go buy it elsewhere.

Well I hope this helps someone out if they were wondering if they should buy from this site. tongue.gif

#58 Weezul


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Posted 22 October 2003 - 12:42 PM

grr.gif grr.gif grr.gif grr.gif

I have had the same experience.... Ordered the 8th, charged the 14th, no response from them regarding the whereabouts of the order, after three separate occasions I've emailed them. After seeing this forum just now I requested a refund from MyPaySystems.


#59 DiscoDave


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Posted 22 October 2003 - 09:38 PM

All I can say about these guys (that wont get me in trouble) is. mad.gif mad.gif Excuses, excuses, excuses. Its a shame there are sites like theirs. Was able to get my money back(like pulling teeth). Had to do some research though with there company to figure out who they really where though.
Ended up gettn one with the modchipman (hes the shizznittle)

#60 Skidzapd


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Posted 23 October 2003 - 02:12 PM

Anyone from Xbox-Modchips.com

I am having major problems and I am looking for help.

I order my chips about a month ago. It took about 2 weeks just to ship them. Than UPS lost the dam chips!!!! I have now waited about 60 days for this order which is about 1/4 your fault and 3/4 UPS's fault. Regardless you have my money and I don't have my chips. Please fight with UPS for the cost of the replacment chips and overnight them to me now. I have emailed over and over again and received zero answer. mad.gif

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