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#1 heinrich


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Posted 06 September 2003 - 05:02 AM


Evolution-X's Website

The Complete Guide to Setting Up Evox.ini by vidgms4me. Questions/Suggestion for the guide here (Please do not post individual problems, only general questions/suggestions for the guide itself)
N00b's Guide To Your First Evox Boot Disk, by mastertito4

Chameleon Settings For Evox.ini
Installing Apps/Games with Evox (very basic guide)

Installing a New Hard Drive With Evox:
Via FTP Commands Questions/Suggestion for the guide here
Via a custom evox.ini burned with Evox onto CD
Using Slayer's EvoX Auto-Installer
Noobs Guide To Flashing Your Bios (With Evolution-X)


If you create a thread asking any of the following, IT WILL BE REMOVED.

What is the latest version of EvolutionX?
Build 3935
It is *not* 1.8.3935, the 1.8 stuff has been dropped.

Where can I download Evox (or any other files)?
Read this

Is Evox dead?
No smile.gif

Can I use a USB hard drive with Evox and run games/apps from it?
No, you cannot use a USB hard drive with Evox. You cannot run games or apps from a USB hard drive. This is not just becuase of evox. The USB 'drivers' for this hard drive would need to have support from at a lower level: ie: the bios

Can I stream games/apps over a network to my xbox?
NO, there is no way to do this, and most likely never will be.

Can I remove my dvd drive, and use a hard drive in its place?
NO, not at this time. Team Xecuter has stated that are looking into, but no one knows for sure if/when it can be done.

Do I have to use an EvolutionX bios in order to run the EvolutionX dashboard?
No, you are free to run whatever bios you want, on whatever chip you want.

Why do some files fail to transfer to my xbox?
Most likely you are trying to transfer files which have too long of a file name, or use 'bad' characters. Below are the 'specs' for the fatx filesystem.
Maximum File Length: 42 Characters

The following characters are permitted:
! # $ % & ' ( ) - . @ [ ] ^ _ ` { } ~
Numerals 0 through 9
Upper and lower-case letters A through Z

The following characters cannot be used:
< > = ? : ; " * + , /  |
Characters values 0 through 31 and 128 through 255.

Filenames are not case sensitive.  XBOX, Xbox, and xbox are all the same.

When I start my backed-up game, I get a black screen with sound?
Turn off all three IGR sections in Evox settings.

Where else can I get help
You can try on Evox's Forums or #evolutionx on EFnet. Other channels on IRC that may be able to help you are #xbins-help and #xbox-scene.

Please also check these threads BEFORE posting:
Evox 3921 - Released
Evox 3921 - Upgrading
Evox 3921 - HD Lock/Unlock
Evox 3921 - HD Temp
Evox 3921 - Trainers
Evox 3921 - G: Drive Support and here
Evox 3921 - TSR
Problems Veiwing D: Drive

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#2 tarheelsnipe


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Posted 07 September 2003 - 01:32 PM

I have a couple links I use a lot. I use em to dress up my Xbox collection.

They have quality skins for Evox and a lot of other dashboards and media players.

This one has xbox game covers. Just resize and print. You got a cover for your backup games.

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#3 Urkel


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Posted 16 February 2005 - 01:02 AM

I read on this forum that evox had their igr option controllerd from the dashboard.
When i looked at my evox.ini i didn't saw this section :


Start_Button = Yes
Back_Button = Yes
L_Trig = Yes
R_Trig = Yes
White_Button = No
Black_Button = No
A_Button = No
B_Button = No
X_Button = No
Y_Button = No

wich is shown in the tutorial : http://xbox-scene.co...es/evox-ini.php
Now my question.
If i add this section it means that only this way of igr will work?
Because now i have 2 ways how i can Igr.
The way that is shown above start+back and l+r trigger and the second way l+r trigger and pressing the 2 thumb sticks.
I want that second way disabled.

Thnx already (Y)

I have
xbox 1.6
200 gig hdd
evox m8 bios (i think)

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#4 Evil Ryu

Evil Ryu

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Posted 15 June 2005 - 06:03 PM

Hey heinrich,... can I add a little something here? I've been seeing a few people come across this problem lately.

If you're having problems launching a game - where it goes to the EvoX loading screen, and then resets back to the dashboard - try this:

Check your parental settings in the MSDashboard settings menu. Make sure everything is cranked up.

If the settings are too low, it will only allow you to play 'G' rated games (ie - Nemo) and if you try anything above the set level, it will just reboot you back to the dashboard. Another way to check this is to fire up the MSDashboard and then put the game in - odds are that it'll give you an error about the parental settings.

#5 theperfekt001


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Posted 17 July 2006 - 01:43 AM

If you turn on your system and your Evox menu only has MS Dashboard, Reboot, Settings, Power Off, and Flash BIOS, your evox.ini has been corrupted. All you have to do is FTP a new evox.ini to your evox directory. If you did not make a backup of your evox.ini, an example one can be found in the evox release on Xbins.

If you cannot FTP you can create a boot disc and FTP through that. You could also create a disc that has the new evox.ini file on it that boots to a program with a file manager (such as UnleashX) and copy the file to your Evox directory using the file manager.

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#6 theperfekt001


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Posted 20 October 2006 - 11:37 PM

This forum is for general and technical discussion of EvolutionX, the program. This is not the place for softmod questions. For those try the No-Modchip Hacks (exploits) Subforums. Threads related to softmods will be moved, closed, or deleted.

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#7 johnymons


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Posted 06 January 2007 - 12:00 PM

Just a small point, the newest version of Evox (downloaded Jan 2006) only has one mention of IGR (in game reset) in the evox.ini file in the [misc] section. Well mine does anyway!!

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